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Recommendations for Good quality vitamins without breaking the bank


I am rubbish at remembering to take tablets but I am keen to start the vitamin sups recommended from this site.

I currently take my levo at night, calcium d3 in the morning and vit b complex.

Can anyone recommend firstly a good quality source of vitamins without making me bankrupt ( my vit b is from Boots!), and secondly is it possible to get these vitamins as a multi vit?


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Swantaff, it's recommended that you have ferritin, B12 and folate tested before supplementing. If you have low levels/deficiency of the above you need to supplement the specific deficiency and won't find sufficient in a multi-vit.

Amazon is a good source and if you use the affiliate link below TUK will earn a small commission.


Thanks clutter. I have been tested for ferritin and folate which I was advised were the lower end of normal. Not vit b 12 tested specifically.

I will find out the actual figures.


A great multivit is Boots own brand. I started it a while back and notice a significant difference, for the better, compared to other brands. It also has a potent amount of b vitamins; so you may not need the b complex, unless you have a specific requirement.


Can you eat eggs? If you can you would only need to buy vitamin C. Eggs are packed with all you need. I have 2 per day. My folate ferritin and B12 levels are so high after 2 years that I've had to cut down to one.


Agreeing fully that eggs are excellent sources of many things, but you might be over-egging your claim - there are several vitamins which are in far too tiny an amount to be significant.


Amounts Per Selected Serving   %DV

Vitamin A        244 IU  5%

 Retinol        69.5 mcg

 Retinol Activity Equivalent  70.0 mcg

 Alpha Carotene     0.0 mcg

 Beta Carotene     5.0 mcg

 Beta Cryptoxanthin   4.5 mcg

 Lycopene        0.0 mcg

 Lutein+Zeaxanthin   166 mcg

Vitamin C        0.0 mg  0%

Vitamin D        17.5 IU  4%

Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)  0.5 mg  2%

 Beta Tocopherol    0.0 mg

 Gamma Tocopherol  0.2 mg

 Delta Tocopherol   0.0 mg

Vitamin K        0.1 mcg  0%

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)    0.0 mg  2%

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)    0.2 mg  14%

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)     0.0 mg  0%

Vitamin B6       0.1 mg  4%

Folate         23.5 mcg  6%

 Food Folate      23.5 mcg

 Folic Acid       0.0 mcg

 Dietary Folate Equivalents  23.5 mcg

Vitamin B12       0.6 mcg  11%

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)  0.7 mg  7%

Choline         126 mg

Betaine         0.3 mg

The above is sourced from the USA so the daily allowances will not be exactly the same as for the UK - and their basic egg analysis could be slightly different. This is for ONE egg of 50 grams. You can go to the page to get fuller information such as: Iron - 0.9 mg - 5%.


American eggs are practically sterile. GB eggs are top. I don't take ANY B or folate or ferritin and my last blood tests had me in optimal ranges for all three. My chap said it was the eggs. Mine are organic.

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UK details are available here:

They are too voluminous to convert readily to a format for pasting here - but the numbers I did check were not massively different. The sampling for those reports included organic eggs.


I order mine from iherb as they do a breakdown of all ingredients and percentages for daily intake. I found them cheaper than high street or anywhere else and they delivered straight to my door. Hope this is helpful.

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Hi Jenny,

I've not ordered from iHerb, yet.

Would be interested to have clarified:

1] do they charge in $ and your card company converts this to £ ?

2] is there a customs charge to pay, comprising a £8 fixed fee and a vat charge on the value of good ordered ? ?

Thanks !

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There is potentially a customs clearance fee plus vat.

This depends on value of order (without P&P) being £15 or over. Otherwise, no fee and no vat. Or luck - some things get through without charge. If you do have to pay vat, it is calculated on order including P&P.

The customs clearance fee depends on carrier - Royal Mail is £8, others can be much more.

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Yes they do but I can see my total cost in pounds as well as dollars.

As for the fixed charge etc I have no idea! That's a great question!

Shall investigate.

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So, it DOES sound like those people who don't receive a bill for the £8 fixed fee & vat on the item are unscrupulous tax-evading so & soes ( - thru' no fault of their own!). Doesn't the treasury need this lost revenue . . . . . . for MPs expenses, etc ? ? ? ;o))

Btw, food stuffs ( - which could be argued to include coconut & other oils, but not capsules of such) do not incur VAT. However, I am unsure whether the £8 charge would still apply on orders above £15. Perhaps not, as no admin is required to collect the VAT.

However, it does seem that for the present at least some orders from iHerb and similar companies are not as a matter of course going through the customs clearing houses/brokers.

So, do be aware - future orders may have an "unexpected" customs charged attached !


I love eggs but have always limited them , my mum was obsessed about becoming egg bound! she has brain washed me 😉

I have had a look at the recommended sights and have found some great ones which are quite reasonable too.

Looking the the recommended intake it's quite hard to find the magic pill isn't it?

Thanks everyone.

Amazing help and advice as always!



Hi S,

You are taking CALCIUM - on recommendation ? Most of us who drink milk & eat cheese get plenty of calcium.

We are said to be short of other minerals, esp MAGNESIUM. In this relative shortage of other minerals, the excess calcium is reported as being positively detrimental - those who supplement with calcium tend to DIE earlier, studies have shown; refs easily found by the appropriate searches.

You may wish to review your Ca supplementation - it is actually beneficial to you ?

If you need iron ( - pointed to by signs/symptoms & test results), the 3 forms that seem to be popular, good value, well tolerated and effective are:

A] iron citrate ( - e.g. see Nature's Best, free delivery on orders over £15)

B] Spatone ( - available in many outlets, often at 3 for 2)

C] ferrous bisglycinate of which one proprietary brand seems to be "Ferrochel" - esp. good price on this at present (19/4/2015) for those by Solar [ - via the large online retailer named after a South American region, the retailer also now known for its tax avoidance/minimisation efforts !]. Interestingly, iron levels affect neurotransmitter formation claim the Solgar label for this product.

I am familiar with A] above in past & had no issues with it. I have yet to trial B] & C] and hope to do so imminently as currently there's room for improving my iron levels.

And did I recently read somewhere that CALCIUM also reduces the absorption of iron ? - believe I did ! But iron absorption seems to be reduced by MANY substances ( - which I understand is taken into account in its RDA of 14mg/day, of which only 10% or so might be expected to be absorbed). See the blurb by Spatone, which claims absorption rates of "up to 40%" ( - 5% is "up to 40%" ! ! ! ;o))x ).

Absorption is said to be improved by vitamin C and taking a 100mg or more tablet with a cheaper iron compound such as iron sulphate, can certainly easily and quickly prevent constipation.

Take care !


But we are always told by the doctors to take Calcium supplements especially if we are menopausal. I have been told to take minimum of 1200 mg per day (this tablet is also combined with 800 IU of Vitamin D3). I don't drink milk although I do use it on my cereal in the morning and don't eat a lot of cheese either. Not thrilled with the statement that people with supplement with Calcium die earlier. Wouldn't that be if one was taking an over abundance of the Calcium? I am trying to get healthier!

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Hi guysgrams

I think you are safe if it has been prescribed due to menopause which I understand can put you at high risk of osteoporosis.

Lots of things in life can make us die earlier, we would have to be hermits I reckon !

If your concerned ask your GP if you can have a calcium check as part of your blood tests. Too much calcium is detrimental for sure.

Hoe this relieves some of your concern.



Thanks Swantaff. I checked my labs that were taken this past February and my calcium, serum was 9.5 (8.8-10.2)

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Lots of info on the net. There are various forms of calcium too. You need to take VitK2 to ensure calcium leaves the bloodstream and heads for the bones !


Thanks Marz for adding this pertinent link !

As you say, there is much info on this and with like all other issues, it seems we have to shift thru' the info to get to best workable view at any one time . . . . . . and then . . . . . perhaps over decades, that changes sometimes completely !

Eg: polyunsaturated fats are good for us . . . . . . or are they ? ? ?

Good to have your supporting input, once more ! ;o))



Confirms the view I'd formed already from other sources:

"Food is the best source of calcium".

And for those who need to avoid diary, there are plenty of other sources. In general tho' it is said our total intake of calcium tends to be disproportionately high relative to other essential nutrients. Redressing this balance requires increasing other nutrients rather than calcium by supplementation or food.

The reviews of the book "The Calcium Lie II" may be of interest to anyone wishing for more considered views on this.


..I think I have read that the supplement form of calcium is not absorbed well - apparently the molecules are too big or something :-)


Hi Epictetus

I had my vit d level checked quite a while ago which was found to be very low. As my Tsh use to run at 0.09 for many years, I was put on it as a precaution to prevent loss of bone density loss.

When I have had my calcium levels checked they have always been lower end of normal so I am happy to continue.

Thank you for all the other info.



Glad you're happy with the Ca supplementation in your case.

I was in no way suggesting it "WAS" inappropriate for you ( - or in any one particular case), but ONLY that the general considered medical/nutritional opinion includes the view that the widespread Ca supplementation has been shown to be detrimental to larger numbers ( - but not EVERYBODY) in that group compared to those who don't supplement.

The message for me is we call need to consider carefully what we supplement with, why and review carefully from time to time.

Best wishes !

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PS: as you mention vitamin D, it's also v. important to keep the level of this adequate ( - neither too low or too high) as just like thyroid hormones, it too is a hormone ( - and only misnamed a "vitamin" as a historical error !).

Ahhhhhh, these doctors . . . . . they'll ALWAYS remain FALLIBLE as long as they can ONLY be selected from members to MY species ! ! !

Too errrrr is humen ! ( - and to forgive too readily is naïve !)

Happy Sunday to all !


I have been taking Viridian Phyto vitamins as recommended by my adrenal specialist, admittedly they are not cheap £34.50 for 90 but they are a supplement made from excellent natural resources, have to say I have at last started to feel better after a long winter with adrenal insufficiency, so for me finding the extra money has been worth it. I have also been taking 200mg Solgar magnesium which I think is around £8 per bottle.


Thank you everyone for so much varied advice, definitely food for thought.



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