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Don't faint! A normal post from me which is not a silly blog, however there will be one soon. Please read my results?

Hi Guys... due to my mix of disease... had a panel done where they did thyroid also... can you interpret please, and yes I am medicated but did not take on morning of tests, as I suspected they would test me. Tests done in hospital

TSH 1.19

Free Thyroxin level 15.4

Antithyroglobulin Abs 9

Anti TPO Antibodies 6

answers on a postcard..... MaryF xx

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Hi Mary - I am not an expert but can see that your thyroid anti-bodies are low ! Hurray - so that's one less AI condition :-) People here often say that they feel better when the TSH is 1 or under when on treatment - so you are nearly there. Am guessing at the range for the FT4 and thinking it could be a little higher. Maybe a small increase in your dose. No FT3 result - ?? What dose are you taking ?

M :-)


Mary, Bit of a guess without the lab ref ranges, but Antithyroglobulin is usually negative <20 and Thyroid Peroxidase negative <34 so not autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). TSH 1.29 is ok-ish, most people are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0. FT4 15.4 is probably mid range. Towards the top 75% of range would be better. If you feel well there's no need to do anything but if you are symptomatic there is room for a dose increase.

I hope everything else is ok too. :)


Thanks I am on LDN which of course helps thing, but I also have Systemic Lupus, Hughes Syndrome, Psoriatic Arthropathy and Sjogrens... apart from those I am fine! chortle snort etc. Yes I hope to increase, have booked a call with Dr BDP....I have to be careful as I can be difficult to work out where one disease ends and another begins... but interesting that this showed up even though previously apparently I did not have a Thyroid disorder... which of course I did not believe and went via Genova Diagnostics.. I was careful not to medicate on day of tests until they were done... I am on 2 grains so hopefully can go up by half. cheers... M x


Presumably NDT , have you been diagnosed then?

Did you have thyroid antibodies before and are you now gluten free?

Have you seen Dr BDP before?

What have you been up to if you are now in hospital?

Why am I asking so many questions? J :D


Hi, I attend hospitals all the time due to Lupus, Hughes, Sjogrens, Psoriatic Arthopathy, they agree I have Thyroid problem but previously said no, but it showed up in tests I did via Dr BDP ages ago.

I have no idea if I had antibodies,, but gluten free, for three years and also LDN for two, which would have lowered them considerably.... x

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Mary, FT4 being ideal in the top 75% of range is really for people on Levothyroxine as the T3 in NDT often suppresses FT4 and TSH. I think there's room for more than 1/2 grain increase if necessary

I knew you had Hughes but wasn't aware of the others, you've really bought the AI bucket. :(


Yes but I have failed to kick the bucket... I was in the wrong gene queue at birth.... MaryF

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sorry I fainted... please resume normal purple service (nps) ...

not diagnosed either for ? years (4 since op) until the almighty TSH of 19.79 (drum roll - 'ta da' post) self-treated with NDT a year before that - to check if I felt better & I did.

Some say NDT aggrevates the autoimmune response - no links & yours doesn't - I only got one TPO test so I dunno, felt less upsydownsy on NDT 'tho, esp Armour.

However now officially diagnosed and put on Levo, I am gaining weight - despite frequent hearty salads...

soon I will explode, I hope the trajectory will be in the south-westerly direction, always my favourite. Maybe I will feature on BBC news - but hope not for the sake of family & cats J x


why not stay on the NDT, with my drug allergy also been told I have Steven Johnson Syndrome which means severest type of allergy... there was no way I was going to try it anyway, the more natural the better with me.....MaryF


guess I'm just stupid... going with the flow for now (yet I have stock).

Oh not another allergy... have you discovered the base?

of course natural is better, even if slightly piggy - - nearest and darn handy/good enuf for heart ops too. I look at a pig in a different light...when we deviate from natural godknows 'appens - & this has been spoonfed since the 80s....


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