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best NDT drug?

Sorry for not asking anything else, but I'd just like to know: how many of you are feeling great on Armour and Erfa respectively?!?!?! I am currently seeing two doctors for my hormonal imbalances, and one recommends Erfa, the other one Armour. That is why I'd like to know if anyone has tried both, and which one you prefer...and why??? I really feel I need to choose one drug, and stick with it, as it seems the body needs to get used to the fillers and binders in any drug...



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Anna, it really doesn't matter which brand anyone else thinks is the best brand of desiccated thyroid. The best one for you will be the one that works for you , and you can only find that out by trial and error. Really... just pick one and go for it. Hopefully you'll get lucky first time :)


My husband takes Armour

Our daughters and granddaughters take Thyroid-s

I have heard moans about ERFA and theres been problems with it occasionally

I understand that Westhyroid is the purest non allergenic one


I think it is very personnel which thyroid hormones suit. Armour is the original and there are several others, i.e. Erfa, Nature-Throid, Westhroid, and a few others.

You don't have to choose 1 and stay on it regardless. Maybe you should choose 1 and if you begin to feel it's not so good for you, you either increase your dose, sometimes only a tiny bit is sufficient or switch to another altogether. The only two which are hypo-allergenic are Nature-Throid and Westhroid.

I do hope you find whatever you choose has the desired affect and you feel well.

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