Has anyone used e-med for prescriptions?

My GP won't prescribe for me but will monitor me provided I take Armour or ERFA. I recently bought some Armour but don't like it, it tasted like chalk, and the only ERFA I can find is very expensive, so I'm currently trying Thiroid but in case it doesn't work I was looking for ERFA again. My GP suggested I try to find an online doctor to prescribe for me (passing the buck or what!) but I didn't know there were doctors like that, then found e-med doing a search here. So I'd like to know has anyone here actually joined them and got a prescription?


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I have not used them myself but someone on this forum contacted them and they said they would prescribe it if you have some proof that you have been diagnosed hypo and have been/tried levothyroxine (so an old copy of a prescription or a medical summary print out from your medical records, or in your case your GP may be willing to just write 'yourname, has been diagnosed hypothyroid in 'what year' and has been on levothyroxine from 'date to this date'

You can email them and ask them confirmation

I think it's worth looking into it :)

Thank you for telling me this, I couldn't find any email address to contact them at without first joining the scheme, so will go and have another look. Definitely worth having a go at then!

I didn't know there were such services either! It's good that your GP is supporting you, even if he is passing the buck regarding prescribing. I hope you get your Erfa :)

Carolyn x

Thanks Carolyn, I hate the thought of having to switch when I like ERFA so much. I'll have a go and let everyone know what happens.

I wondered why you can 'taste' Armour. I swallow my NDT with a glass of water and don't taste it at all.

When I was first learning about thyroid medications, I read that in some people, malabsorption of the medication can occur because the tablet/s didn't dissolve properly in the digestive system. So 'crunching or chewing' was advised as a means to avoiding that happening.

Since then I've always crunched my thyroid medication, regardless of which type it is :)

I have read that too but if the 'taste' bothers you, would a 'trial' of swallowing the whole pill not be worth it?

That's what I am currently doing, but it seems I am needing a higher dose to compensate. I am working up the courage to start crunching again because I really have a problem with the texture and also the taste to some extent.

I believe one of the benefits of NP Thyroid (the newcomer to the US desiccated thyroid products) is that the ingredients are totally different and designed to dissolve much more easily. I think this may be why people who've struggled with other brands have found this one works better for them.

Thanks! I will have to look into that :)

I've been chewing the ERFA for better absorption, so did the same with some 'new' Armour which I got to try out, but the chalkiness of it, and the lack of the familiar smell and taste completely put me off it, although it does dissolve ok. It just seems too synthetic to me, but you're right, I should give it another go and see how I do if I swallow it, I just hate to be prevented from taking ERFA so thought I'd have another go at getting that!

This is how Dr Lowe's patients took theirs:

Dr. Lowe: As a rule, our patients take thyroid hormone only once per day. An advantage of this one-per-day schedule is that it’s easier to find a window for good intestinal absorption—when the stomach or small intestine doesn’t contain food.


I have just had a look at this site. Quite intriguing! If you decide to use them, please let us know how you get on. I hope you get your Erfa and that it works for you :)

Hi Framboise. Just to let you know about the cost.I am buying Erfa from Spriengfield Pharmacy, Richmond, Surrey. I paid £10 for 30 tablets of 1/2 grain. Postage was £7.40 but that next day delivery ( so if it is ordered earlier postage is much less). I use private prescription from Dr S.


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