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thyroid gland

hi the side of my neck start paining me after three days it was swollen i visit my doctor and he told me my thyroid gland i went an took ultrasound the report was The right lobe of the thyroid measure 5 cm x 2.4 cm x 2.7 cm, appears enlarge Two nodules with small areas of cystic degeneration measuring 2.5 cm x 2 cm and 1.7 cm x 1.2 cm are identified in the upper and lower pole respectively.

The left lobe of the thyroid measures 4 cm x 1.4 cm x 2 cm. A 1.5 CM X 1.2 CM HYPO ECHOIC NODULE IS NOTED IN THE LOWER POLE.

The thyroid isthmus measures 5 mm (AP).

No evidence of retro sternal extension of the thyroid noted.


FREE T3 4.15 1.80-4.20 pg /ml

FREE T4 (FT4) 1.14 0.65-2.30 ng /dl

TSH: 0.936 0.490-4.670 micro iu/ml

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carolglasgow, I am really no expert on test results but yours look ok to me.

Your thyroid probably hurts due to swelling. Have they offered you any thyroid medication? What has been suggested to you regarding these swellings?

I would suggest you ask to be tested for antibodies TPOAb and TGAb which may confirm Hashimotos auto immune disease.

Also have your Vit B12, vit D, Folate and a Ferritin checked. People with thyroid issues are commonly deficient in these.

Hopefully someone much more knowledgable than me will comment on your test results soon. Hope you feel better soon.


i am drinking liquid sea Aloe and on a thyroid diet


The next thing to happen (in the UK) is usually to have a FNA (fine needle aspiration) to check the contents of the nodules. This is done to make sure you haven't got cancer. I don't say this to frighten you, and if some cancer is found they will remove your thyroid and give you hormone replacement (Thyroxine) for the rest of your life. Which country are you in? In the UK the result of the FNA is given as a number (1 to 5) where 1 is 'no cancer', and 5 is the opposite.


I have very recently had ultra sound, neck x-rays and also MRI scan - I have had no needle aspiration - so different hospitals perhaps do different tests.



What treatment or further investigations have you been offered?


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