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Thank you all - re GP wanting to cut my 137.5mcg Levothyroxine

A big thank you for your advice. New GP phoned me yesterday and I told him that I was not prepared to reduce my Medication as I feel so well. I also asked why T3 is never tested. He blustered about a bit but agreed that if I feel well then my Meds. did not need reducing. He suggested a further blood test in 3 months to incorporate T3 this time, which they don't normally do. Am Happy Again.


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Result! :)


Very assertive so well done brenchley. This can be difficult to do when we feel so unwell. Result!!


Well done. Knowledge is power and messing about with hormones when you feel well on a particular dose is the worst thing they can do. They know no better unfortunately, but one has learned from his patient - you.


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