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Long wait for new blood test

Hi I have had a borderline result from recent blood test, after seeing my gp he wants to wait 8 weeks for a second blood test to check antibodies, I feel this is too long to wait as I am feeling really poorly now and even though I at a slimming club my weight is creeping up again. I want to know if I c an go back to my gp and ask for the blood tests sooner than eight weeks. Thanks

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Welcome to the forum Do you know your actual results? It would be easier to advise you about going back earlier if we could see whether you are borderline or actually have a thyroid problem. You are entitled to a copy of your results and there should be no charge for them. Some do ask for a nominal sum to cover the cost of paper and ink. If you can then post them and the ranges as these differ from lab to lab then it will be easier to advise you. I am impressed though that he is intending to do antibody tests, I had my first ones about 25 years after being diagnosed!


6 weeks is usual with TSH , maybe it takes longer to see any difference in antibodies.My GP and endos have never showed any interest in retesting mine!


Leojac3, It's normal practice to retest thyroid 8-12 weeks after an initial high TSH to rule out non-thyroidal illness such as a virus or infection which can raise TSH.

Have your blood draw early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast before the test if you can as TSH is lower after eating.


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