Support group in/near Reading?

I live about 10 miles west of Reading and I don't think there are any support groups near me? I was wondering if there are other people close by who would be interested in meeting up on a regular basis. I'd be happy to hold it at my house but it's difficult to get to where I live without a car. Alternatively, once we know who is interested we could find a pub or somewhere else that we could all get to. Anyone interested?

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Hi, I live in Henley, which is 8 miles East of Reading and I would be interested in joining a support group. I agree a pub is a good idea and will be easy for parking. Let me know if you have a good response and decide to go ahead with it.

Hi Hennerton, That's great. Once I get an idea of how many people are interested and where they live I'll PM everyone to see what we can arrange.

Not in any way meaning to discourage you - but did you notice mention of a Basingstoke meeting?

Even if you go ahead with your own it might be nice to establish a relationship with another group just down the A33. :-)


Hi Rod, Basingstoke is roughly 45 minutes drive from where I live so I was hoping to join or set up a group a bit nearer to home. But, as you say, it would also be great to develop a relationship with the Basingstoke group and perhaps sometimes have joint meetings if people are intersted. Lynne

Hi, I would be interested in a support group around Reading area (weekdays are best for me). Please let me know.


Hi there, weekdays are best for me too. I'll pm everyone once I get an idea of who is interested. Lynne

Hi, Just thought I should mention I am not around in October and could not manage much in Sept, as working solidly next few weeks. If this meeting takes off, maybe you will have another one in November. Please let me know when you plan the first one and where ; maybe I can rearrange something. Weekdays are good for me. Thanks.

See here:

I've been rather lax in getting this off the ground so now trying to get an idea of whether people prefer mid-week or weekends.

You're obviously most welcome to come along, it will be in a garden centre just off the A339 with a very reasonably priced menu.

Car share is always an option.

Hi there, As I've just said to Rod, Basingstoke is around 45 minutes drive from where I live so I was hoping for something a bit closer to home. But one possibility is that we could try to find a meeting place somewhere in between that is relatively easy for everyone who is interested to get to. What do you think? Lynne


I am in Newbury so either Reading or Basingstoke is good for me..week days are better for me. Basingstoke has the edge as I believe cake was mention when we last spoke...but I may have made that up as my memory isn't the best xx

Hi there. Have you seen my reply to cinnamon-girl? I'm sure we can find somewhere that offers cake! Lynne

I would be interested...

Fantastic. I'll pm everyone after I've heard back from cinnamon-girl. Lynne

Hi Issy, I left you a private message on 16th Sept. Would you mind replying to it and then I can move on with sorting out the best place for us all to meet? Thanks, Lynne

Reading and district Fibro support group meet at prospect park hospital on the last Thursday of the month 7:00pm. Here's the dates

Meeting tomorrow night is all about benefits, guest speaker from the CAB

Thurs 21st May 2015

Thurs 18th Jun 2015

Thurs 30th Jul 2015

Thurs 17th Sep 2015

Thurs 15th Oct 2015

Thurs 12th Nov 2015

Thurs 10th Dec 2015

Hi Folks, grateful to know of a thyroid support group near Reading

Warm Greetings


Hi did you manage to find a support group? I'm interested in attending one.

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