Brighton support groups?

Hi there :)

I was wondering if there were still any support groups or meet ups in Brighton/Hove? I saw a post from around 5 months ago about a meet up but there didn't seem to be any activity on it? Someone at my doctors surgery told me there was a Brighton Support group but i can't seem to find any info online?

Any other Brightonians here?! :D

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  • Thyroid/Hashimotos groups i mean, in case that wasn't clear hehe

  • Hi Sharon,

    I am just along the road in Shoreham but work in Brighton, I would love to join up with a support group if one is available.



  • There was a meeting in Brighton a few months back and the co-ordinator was going to offer another one, but not heard anything. Perhaps we should set up another?

  • I pm'd the coordinator a while back but there has been no activity on her account for over 2 months now.

    Over to you MM ?


  • I would be interested in meeting up with anyone who was interested in possibly starting one up, just to chat :) I have never run any support groups in the past but i'm open to chatting about what would be involved and how it would run :)

  • OK. I am looking into the possibility of arranging a Brighton group meeting. I will update progress on a new post when I know more.

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