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Anyone get kneck sweats during the night?

I've bee getting a lot it a lot lately. I will wake up and kneck will be sweating like made. I also keep getting what fells like a rubbery numb kneck yet if i pinch my skin i can feel it. My memory has also got seriously seriously bad and will sometimes feel confused. My docs have been very thorough with blood tests but all come back clear except for vitamin d which is low and now on supplememts.

I've seen reumotologist, had exstensive blood work and waiting to see end. I want a refer to neuro because i think nerves are damaged and gastro whatever because of persistent stomach issues but don't think they will be because bloods are normal and they've spent a lot on me already.

What should i do?

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Dunno what you can do ref specialist and treatment, but for relief have you thought about a chillow pillow? They are pillows that you put water in and they stay cold. Brilliant, about £25 if you buy from amazon.


The sweating could be due to the low vit D. Are you supplementing? Very important for it to be optimal because you need it to use your thyroid hormone.

Neurological damage is probably due to low vit B12. Have you had it tested? It needs to be at least 600, preferably higher.

The best thing you can possibly do is to get copies of all your blood tests and post them on here - with the ranges - and let people have a look. Very difficult to advise otherwise. :)


Yep i'm taking calcium and vitamin d supplement. I've been prescirbed Calceos 500mg/400IU chewable tablets.

It says take them twice a day but sometimes i will take 1 or two more extra.

With these supplements, do inees to take them for life?

I think my b12 has been tested but don't know what the result was. I will get copies of results.


Why are you taking calcium? Did you test deficient? If not, it's a dangerous thing to take. And even if you are deficient, there's are better ways of raising it. And taking several extra is a lot of calcium!

Whether or not you need to take them for life, dépends. Do your levels rise when you take them? Because going over-range on vit D and calcium is not recommended. It's best to get them retested occassionally.


Doc said the only thing that came up positive was vitamin d so i was suprised he prescribed one with vitamin d and calcium. Especially since i drink so much milk/eat so much cereal i really shouldnt be deficient in calcium.


I would suggest you have a word with him and point out the dangers of getting too much calcium :

If he really wants you to take calcium, he could at least have given you vitamin K2 with it, to make sure it goes to the bones, and not the tissues - like the heart and kidneys.


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