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Just a moan

Hello all feel fed up today i feel really bloated and fat no energy tired all the time i keep getting palpatations in my throat i think ive just got to go back to drs to get bloods checked again oh i found the last letter i got from the endocrine dr which was a couple of years ago saying my tpo levels were greatet than 1300 dont know what that means amyway be glad when sun comes out tomorrow im due to have an operation in two weeks on my bunion so i need to make mosy of being able to walk as going to need crutches for uto 3 months so im hppeing i can nuild my emergy levals up nefore the op

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((( Shortytree ))) TPO 1300 is a lot of autoimmune antibodies (Hashimoto's). Members have found that a gluten-free diet can help reduce Hashi flares and antibodies and it should help reduce bloating and digestive issues. Probably best to wait until after your op though.

You might want to supplement B12 for a few weeks after the op as general anaesthetic with nitrous oxide inactivates B12.

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Thanks for advice i will try b12 siuppliment i know im going to need all energy to lift all thos weight around and yes i think im going to try going gluten free i also have an ulcer in my dudenum so it might help with that too


So sorry to hear that things are not going well for you at the moment.I can comment that giving up cakes,biscuits and bread really helps me.It is tough to keep it up but I do feel better when I go without.

Is it possible that you are feeling a bit stressed prior to your operation, which is bound to affect you at the moment?

I wish you all the best for your op and think that once it is done you can then look forward and work positively towards your recovery. Perhaps line up a few things you can do while while you are not so mobile.

Will look forward to hearing how you are progressing.


Thankyou marfit for your reply i have given up cakes and biscuits 2 years ago as i had put 3stone on so i joined slimming world which i managed to lose 2 an half stone but recently its creeping back on ive put half a stone bk on bread is my down fall i think maybe being gluten free is the answer for me


Wow managed to lose a lot of least you know that you can do it.I did weight watchers 3 times many years ago and reached my goal weight but that was before being diagnosed hypothyroid.I was under a lot of stress at the time with both my parents and my husband's mother all going downhill at the same time and thought that losing weight would help make me feel better and more able to cope.Maybe that all contributed to my thyroid not coping....I don't really know.

However,with Easter over ,I am starting a strict gluten free diet as of today.......hoping I can concentrate on losing some weight yet again!!!

Good Luck x


Hello again marfit its a constant struggle i have hashis so i go from one exstream to another well fingers crossed for both of us going gluten free lett me know how you get on


Will do ....Good Luck.....perhaps we can support each are welcome to send PMs ......the thought of someone checking up on me might help to keep me on a straight and narrow path.

Sorry about the Hashis much to deal with..


Yes, hopefully the sun will help you feel happier. I hope your op goes well and you hopefully get to recuperate in warm sunny weather.

Good luck.


Thankou flower007


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