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Having a moan

Feeling fed up....

I'm not sleeping well, totally exhausted.

I pretty much hurt from head to toe, I seem to have spot/boils on face and in hair line, a lump behind my ear, my neck, shoulders, back hurt. I have tendintus in my wrist for the last 5+ months (waiting for a scan!) and now drs think I might have cysts on my overies (scan Tuesday) and the pain is horrendous!

Sorry needed to rant, feel like no one cares.

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I care, rant away :) x


Oh dear CL. What meds are you on and do you have any blood test results to share? Sounds as if your med/supplement routine needs a serious make over.


I'm on 50 levo.

I'm taking magnesium for restless legs (doesn't always work)

B12 levels at 700+

TSH 1.52 done in July (t4 doesn't seem to be tested anymore)


In my opinion the only use for the TSH test is to decide whether your hypothyroidism is primary (T4 low, pituitary making TSH properly so TSH high) or secondary (T4 low, pituitary NOT making TSH properly to TSH low).

Go back to your doctor with a written list, it's what I do, and ask for FT4, FT3 (insist on this), iron, folate, ferritin and Vit D.

When the results come back, ask for a print-out. If the clues aren't in there, then order the saliva cortisol test from Genova UK to test your adrenals.


People taking thyroxine need to have fT4 and fT3 checked. TSH is fine as a screening tool for the general population but not appropriate on it's own when someone is taking meds.

At 50 mcg T4, probably you are undertreated. Low thyroid and ovarian cysts happen together.


Dr said with my levels I'm on the right meds. I got a scan for the cysts (and to check if my coil is in the right place!) Tuesday. Then I'll make an appointment with my dr


If only the TSH was tested, that cannot be determined.