Still loosing hair 😔

My current levels are

T4 13

Tsh 2.4

T3. 3.5

I have been on levothyroxin for over 12 weeks and my hair is still falling out I have a 10 cm circle bald patch and it's getting bigger. My endo has said my levels are fine and it could take months to get the hair growth back. This has been going on since September 2014. I'm so fed up. I was hoping my T3 was low and the endo would medicate it but no they say normal. Any suggestions welcome ??

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  • Hi Clare

    Unfortunately, seven weeks isn't long enough to help your hair. As it has probably taken years for us to get to a 'diagnosis' stage of hypo it does take a while to work up to a dose which rectifies our hormones.

    God knows where your Endocrinologist got his training. His views are common but we feel best when our TSH is around 1 or lower (he needs to read Dr Toft's guidelines on treatment) and you can get a copy from if you email her.

    We have to read and learn and get informed and we eventually will recover but we cannot do so without proper medication. Many of us on this site are 'do it ourselves' as it might be difficult otherwise. Many do fine on levothyroxine but they wont be on this site as they are well.

    Your TSH is far too high. When you post your results it is helpful for comments if you can put the ranges too as labs differ throughout the country.

    Ask your GP to increase your dose as you still have symptoms and discuss with him Dr Toft's recommendation, after all he was President of the British Thyroid Association. Also get a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too as we are usually deficient.

    When you next get a blood test for your thyroid hormones, leave approx 24 hours between dose and the blood test and take levo afterwards. Always get a print-out with the ranges for your own records.

    With regard to the word 'normal' re tests, pay no attention if you don't feel 'normal'.

  • Thank you for your comment. I am really fed up and am thinking of asking for armour rather than levothyroxine as none of my other symptoms have really changed. What are your thoughts on this.

  • If you are in the UK I doubt you will get Armour on the NHS. Also, 3 months is not sufficient time to get your hormones to the optimum.

    I know it's distressing to lose hair but it is one of the common symptoms. You have to be patient and see that your minerals/vitamins are at the optimum level.

    In the meantime, this is a link which may be helpful and the site, as a whole, has useful info:

  • Thank you for your help

  • It's worth remembering that levo itself can cause hair loss unfortunately. Also low iron in the form of ferritin is a common culprit and common in hypothyroid.

  • Thank you. My other levels have been checked along with iron and gave come in all fine.

  • 'Fine' is not a diagnosis, it is an opinion. Do you have the figures? Iron should be at least mid-range.

  • Hi, do you know your ranges for thyroid function tests?

    I agree re iron, have you had Full Blood Count, Ferritin, B12, Folate, Vit D levels tested also. The first three affect hair loss/growth, and all are common with hypothyroidism.

  • Hi. No I do not know the tft results I wll be asking next time I go although I have had all other levels checked including iron and they are in normal range. Whatever normsl is !

  • For hair growth, ferritin needs to be over 70. Trouble is- 'normal' ferritin range is very wide.

    Best thing is to ask for a copy of all your recent bloods with ranges and post on here for advice on what/how to supplement.

    NDT=natural dessicated thyroid treatment, of which armour, erfa, nature-thyroid etc are different brands.

    Made abroad, USA/Canada. Very difficult to get prescribed in this country (and others -even those where it is manufactured). Thyroxine is considered "gold-standard", but not everyone can tolerate it otherwise we'd all be well on it and not trying to find information on how to recover our health, on sites like this!

  • You also need protein in your diet. I don't havf good news on the hair front; I took levo for a year and it still fell out. I started NDT last Sept and it's not falling out as quickly but it's not growing back. Except - I lost every hair on my eyebrows; I now have around 10 hairs that are definitely new. So I have my fingers crossed

    Also been told to eat protein for hair (my iron levels etc are fine!)

  • I've not heard of NDT although I have been reading that armour may be the way to go. Have you heard anything about this med ?

  • Armour is NDT - Natural Desicated Thyroid - it all comes from pigs. But as Shaws said, you'd be very Lucky to get that on the NHS.

    To counter-act the nocive effect that Levo has on hair, try taking Evening Primrose Oil, and Borage Oil. Works wonders!

  • Thank you I'll give it a try

  • :)

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