Hair turning yellow

Hi there - I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem? My hair went white in my 30's - I became severely allergic to certain metals and hair dye - now I know it was all thyroid related. I take 75mcg of Levothyroxine and 20mcg of Liothyronine and my levels are a bit out of kilter at the moment (waiting for an endo appointment). However in the last few days, my hair at the temples has turned a horrible yellow colour almost like I have smoked 50 Benson and Hedges (I don't smoke). And I have eaten copious amounts of carrotts. It is around half an inch wide and goes from the shaft to the ends. Has anyone else had this or have got any ideas?

Many thanks in advance


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  • Sorry, should say I HAVEN'T eaten carrots.

  • You're not taking copper by any chance, are you? I experimented with copper, and my silvery white hair started going a mousey Brown. Not nice at all. I also felt quite bad on the copper, so stopped it. But I'm sure it was the copper that affected my hair.

  • Hey Grey - thank you for the reply. No, not taking any copper - it's just really weird. Did your hair go back to normal?


  • Not really, no. lol Not yet, anyway. We live in hopes! I rather liked my silver hair.

  • Ha ha - I rather like my silver hair too - just not with the yellow bands!

  • I can imagine! lol

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