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has anyone been diagnosed with the above. ive had problem with bone problems few years. the above means calcium crystals in the joints. I also have calcific tendonitis in my shoulder and hip which can also be related to pseudogout. ive had x 2 ops on my shoulder for this. heard it can be related to thyroid problem. I also suffer severe fatigue. taking thyroxine 75mg at moment. would be grateful for any feedback x

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I have a condition called synovialosteochondromatosis, a form of osteoarthritis,which I think may be associated with pseudo gout.I have also been diagnosed with osteochonditis dissecans, which I was apparently born with-also possibly associated, according to my reading, with diabetes and thyroid conditions! I really do believe that these conditions, also yours, are indeed related to long term thyroid conditions, in my case hashimotos from a young age.

Do give us your most recent thyroid results and have your T3 checked.If you are suffering from severe fatigue, you are probably under medicated on 75mcg thyroxine.I am on a combination of armour thyroid and thyroxine.

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hi janjan2,

thanks for your reply. ive never asked for my blood results, just trusted the doctors.

keep well


Are you kidneys working efficiently ? Do you drink lots of water ? If you do then it may help to flush out the toxins circulating in the body. If they do not leave the body then they re-circulate and some are deposited as crystals in the joints leading to other problems....


hi marz,

thanks for reply. yes I drink plenty. have had one or two urine infections lately, so make sure im hydrated well

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Will look out for your thyroid results then - with ranges. Perhaps you are under-treated....




Dear dillydally1

I was just told I have pseudogout and prescribed colchicine .6 mg/generic for colcrys I believe - one per day. How are you handling your condition after 3 years it appears?

I am new to responding to this site so need to up my medical conditions.

The RA is very active again along with anemia, plurisy, fibro, osteo and osteopenia. My ra Dr feels sure I will soon be confirmed with Lupus soon..hoping not of course. She is reviewing other conditions quite often. Hard to remember remission long ago.

Take care.


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