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Vitamin D

I have my results for vitamin D and was called into the GPs last week. My results were D2 <10, D3 29.1. (Sorry do not know the ranges as GP refused to give me a print out). The GP has given me Desunin 800iu. I did try to get an injection saying it would work quicker as I had been ill for a while but they refused. My question is, is this a sufficient amount as I am sure I have read on this forum we need to take much higher maybe 8000? If so which type of vitamin D should I buy? Thank you.

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29.1 nmol/l is deficient - above 50 is considered adequate (but optimal for you may be over 75 or some say 125 nmol/l e.g grassrootsheath)

here is an example report from an NHS lab

vitamin D council booklet (watch the USA measures - 50nmol/l is 20ng/ml)

800iu will take a while - remember sunshine is the best source & free! Actually I've been in & out the garden all afternoon & only slightly pink (I don't use suncream - don't know what's in it!) - but everyone's different, don't burn.

I took 3-4000iu daily and improved after 3 months (Biocare drops) some prefer Solgar D3 softgels, there is also a D3 boost spray (peppermint flavour).

J :D


Thank you Sparerib. Yes I did sit outside for half an hour today, and I have booked a holiday to Lanzarote in May! I didn't think 800 would be enough but as we all know the GPs don't know everything!!


Hi wedding. If you respond to a question, you have to click on the Red Reply otherwise the person isn't notified that you may need a response. We often don't know if a new member.


I thought I had done, sorry. Must be the brain fog!!


We've all done that at one time or the other :) It's just that if you needed a response you might wonder why you didn't get one.


Yes thank you. :)


Lanzarote will be too hot not to wear suncream! I remember they sell a good aloe vera one there....

all GPs were told about VitD 3 years ago by the chief medical officers...

but the RDA should be updated IMHO


No I always wear sunscreen, I haven't tied the aloe vera ones only for aftersun which is good. I will get some this time. Thank you.


If you wear sunscreen, you will not get the rays necessary for making vit D. Do you know that the rate of skin cancer has increased since people started wearing sunscreen?


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