Juicer v Nutribullet?

I currently use a Phillips juicer to make fruit and vegetable juices that I drink every day. I was reading one of the posts on here today about the Nutribullet, and I see that there is no pulp to clear when you use this so you get the fibre as well as the juice. Is it worthwhile changing my juicer for a nutribullet? And if so should I go for the basic or invest in the more powerful one? Your views and opinions would be really helpful before I spend up to £149 on something my husband will say I already have!!!!!

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  • I have read that if you juice 'fruit' it is not so good for your liver as it puts it under strain. When we eat fruit our stomach digests it when we 'drink' it our liver cannot absorb it properly.

    In the USA there is lots of obesity. This is part of the explanation.


    When we juice it the pure 'fructose' you are drinking, and the liver cannot cope so it diverts the surplus.

    You might eat one or two apples at one time whereas if you juice you can take quite a quantity of fruit. It's the fructose which is the problem.

  • After doing some research on these items, I thought this to be one of the best buys.


  • Hi, just emailed my son who has had both.

    Here's what he replied

    Nutribullet is ridiculously easy to clean - huge bonus over a juicer - like *ridiculously* easy, Once I take it off the blend I carry it over to the sink, undo the top and put the top under the water to clean, then the rest is my cup - and that rinses clean. It also does bananas which juicers don't normally.

    I read some research the other week that its not as great at extracting all nutrients as a juicer is - but I think thats because you add water while in a juicer you throw away so much pulp that you never need to liquid it up a bit more. Makes some really nice drinks - my favourite at the moment is couple of handfuls of spinach, then a banana chopped up, then a handfull of raspberrys and blueberries, then a big pour of porridge oats (makes it ticker like milkshake) then a pour or whatever is handy like sunflower pumpokin or chai seeds and topped up with coconut water ! Another very tasty one but less healthy is strawberrys, milk and vanilla ice cream.

    Sounds as if he likes his :)

  • Which one does your son have 600 or 900? It's another £50 for the more powerful one, but I don't want to end up having to upgrade later if it isn't powerful enough. Thank you for your detaied reply it was really helpful.

  • Here's what he said to that question.

    I just have the 600 one, not the 900. Theres also a third one (nutriblast? something like that) thats not meant to be as good.

    My 600 can't destroy strawberry seeds - they're too small, I don't know if the 900 can - probably better watching some youtubes for comparison :)

    Meant to say its more a blender than a juicer - but they're probably pretty much the same thing.

  • Thank you. I think I will go for the 900 to get the stronger motor

  • I bought a nutriblend off groupon for 39.99 and actually more powerful than the nutribullet (looks identical too) been using it for few weeks & I love it. My juicer has been gathering dust for a long time as found it too messy.

    I was sceptical about spending too much given my track record of getting bored but I've made a pasta sauce and raw brownies aswell as smoothies - def worth the money in my opinion. X

  • I bought the ninja nutribullet and it's one of the better gadgets I have. I mainly do veggie juices in it. Takes literally minutes and one quick zuzz under the tap and it's clean. I got it from Amazon for under a hundred pounds and it came with two small jugs and one big one. I make mine in the big one and get two or three drinks out of it. One to go and one in the fridge.

    I think it was worth it. Can do soup and all sorts. Wahayyyeeeee. :)

  • I am just poised to buy a Nutri Ninja. I have it on good authority it pulps better than the Nurti bullet even if slightly more expensive. I am interested in making soups too .. or liquidising the veggies etc to then heat (not advisable to put hot liquids into these blenders etc of course) but two friends bought the Ninja's and say they are excellent.

  • I bought my Nutribullet for £79 from Argos and it is amazing so I will sell my old enormous juicer [ the Argos deal may not be on now but they may bring it back so keep trying -]

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