How money saving and scrummy!!

I have recently taken to juicing. I bought a juicer a few weeks ago and use it every morning to ensure I get some veg/fruit goodness. However, I have always felt it was a waste, throwing away all the pulp afterward (well composting so not a total waste) and then, lo and behold, the Daily Telegraph had a recipe the other day for a pizza using the veg pulp as a base - genius!!! I just juice the veg (normally a carrot, cucumber, courgette and carrot) then take the pulp and put to one side. I then juice the fruit (apple, lemon and whatever is ripe in the garden) as I don't want fruit in the pizza base. Take the veg pulp and add an egg plus some flour (I use gluten free flour or rice flour) and seasoning (I use garlic as well as alt and pepper) and shape into flat pizza base then put in the oven to dry (gas mark 1 for as long as it takes - I do half an hour 'cos only a small amount). I then put any pizza topping I want and toast under the grill. Brilliant. I just had a pulp pizza with Mozarella, baby toms and tomato pulp - and it really was nice. Now just to work out what to do with the fruit pulp - I guess a sweet pizza is not out of the question??

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  • That's genius! I juiced for 3 weeks straight in January... mixed results - mainly lots of wind (!). I have changed to juicing once or twice a day. I am also GF (have been for 2 years). I use the pulp from carrot apple and ginger juice in a cake I make with eggs and ground almonds. 1 cup pulp, 1.5 cups of ground almonds, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 cup mild olive oil, heaped teaspoon cinnamon and a teaspoon GF baking powder. I bake it a 140 C for about an hour. It's yummy - you can add nuts and dried fruit too - I find dates and walnuts really work well. Play about with it. I adapted it from a GAPS diet recipe. Love the pizza idea - it's one of the things I miss most!

  • Oh brilliant - thank you, I will have a go at the cake, much the same principle I guess, and at least there are various gluten free flours we can play about with - I often use ground almonds for baking so I'll try that first.

  • I love ground almonds... not cheap. I am trying to be grain-free so I'm rather limited to ground almonds or coconut flour (which takes quite a bit of getting used to - my first attempts were like bricks!). That said, they sort of fill you up faster so a cake has more chance of lasting me through the week than all getting eaten in one day!

  • I'm just wondering here if frozen grated cassava can also be used in the cake type recipe. Cassava pone is made with grated fresh coconut but maybe the stuff left over from juicing would work well or better.

  • Wow - I didn't know what Cassava was until you wrote this so just looked it up - you learn something every day!!! I don't see why it wouldn't do just as well but I did read that Cassava can be fatal if eaten raw - would that not mean that it cannot be juiced??

  • Loobs,

    Mix the fruit pulp into cake mix? If gluten-free you can use ground almonds.

    I use to love King Edward pizza. Bash the spuds into a base then top with cheese and toppings.

  • Wow the possibilities are endless - maybe we should write a Thyroid UK cookbook with all these ideas!! I love the fact that not only is using the pulp healthy but money saving - I definitely will try mixing in mashed spuds when I do my next pizza. The good thing with my juicer is that I can juice the veg first, remove the pulp, then carry on with the fruit and then remove that pulp whilst meanwhile having one drink with all the juice in.

  • By the way, if any of you have a Kindle device, you can go to Amazon and download free books on Paleo recipes and gluten-free recipes. Just search for free books then select non-fiction and you should find some there.

  • I now use a different machine which emulsifies rather than juices so that everything remains in the juice and no fibre is lost (it means you can count as two portions of fruit & veg rather than one ). But when I was using my juicing machine I was told that the pulp could be given to pet rabbits.

  • Just call me Mrs Snuffles x x

  • You are a clever gal. I used to use the carrot pulp for bread. But pizza yeah!!! Gotta try that x x

  • I'm not preaching to the informed only those who don't know but if you are watching your weight, natural fruit juice is full of sugar so go easy with it or dilute it or it will creep your weight up.

  • To be honest I had thought of that and I know there has been a lot about the danger of sugar recently - tricky one really but I am still coping with the issues of going GF so will concentrate on that for the time being but yes, I am aware of the weight problems associated with juicing. At the moment this is not a problem for me, I have lost a lot of weight since going GF and especially through feeling ill for days if I eat some mistakenly (which I have done twice in as many weeks!!). This morning I put on a pair of jeans I haven't worn for a couple of months and found that far from being the snug fit they were, I can put them on and take them off without undoing them - just goes to show - every cloud................... Still, I feel really well so I must be doing something right (mostly due to the wonderful advice from people on here).

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