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Access to your GP medical records Update


It’s a while since I have posted but there has been changes regarding your access to your GP online medical record.

From April this year it has been mandated that all GP Practices must give patients the consultation notes following a visit. You will see what the Doctor/Nurse/Professional has written. You will be able to see all clinical letters, test results, referrals and so on. This is a huge step forward in treating patients as partners by allowing them to see and use their medical records.

The exception is GP Practices that use the VISION platform. This system does not have the functionality to display the information. I am told that this will be addressed this year.

Here is a link to a set of slides that you can reference particularly if your GP Practice is a bit slow off the mark or as in many cases are confused about how to set up their systems.

Please remember to access your online GP record you must request higher level access from the Practice. General access to appointment booking/prescription is a lower level of access and the service above will not automatically let you see your records.

Please note that this level of access is ONLY going forward from this date. Historical records have been excluded from the contract and remains at the discretion of your individual Practice. For patients with long term conditions this is very frustrating. However a step in the right direction.

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Do you know if anything is happening along these lines in Wales? My surgery only has online access for ordering repeat prescriptions, nothing else. When I asked if there was access to test results or anything else I was told they're not doing that until they're confident "that everything is safe and secure". I think that's there way of saying we wont be doing it unless we're forced to.

DJR1 in reply to SeasideSusie

Oh I am sorry I keep forgetting to refer to NHS England on my posts. This is confusing as the GP contract is a national contract but record access is different in Wales, Scotland and NI. I don’t know the answer to this but I will see if I can find out for you

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to DJR1

It's OK, I'd seen your link was for NHS England and I know only too well that Wales does things very differently (not always for the best!). It would be good if the basics were the same for everyone.


Thanks for posting this important information.

My GP surgery tell me that I have been given access to my records, but it seems only dome of them. My Thyroid tests, for instance, judt show TSH results, not even T4, which I know was tested. I was also sent for a home density test but am told I am NOT allied access to that on my medical records. I I want to know the result I have to look an appointment to see my GP (3 weeks minimum wait), and he will then tell me!!! This seems a complete waste of time and money for the NHS and irritating to me, the patient, who is at least TRYING to get some control of her life. Can anyone see a reason for this or is it just my surgery?

DJR1 in reply to anniec11

I feel your frustration I have been fighting for full access to my GP records for over 3 years. If you read my earlier post I have linked to the new GP contract. Have a read and see what you are entitled too. I have had issues with in-house ultrasound scans the report was filed where I could not see it. I am currently trying to find a new GP as he refuses to give me historical access to my records online. Each GP Practice is an independent business they have a contract to supply services to NHS England. The content of that contract is key. They must give you access to what is stated in that contract. From April this year they must give you access to free text which means you can read all the notes they have written in their consultation with you. You should already see test results and letters. It is very frustrating and people do not realise that Practices can choose to run their service as they wish. I can only book an appointment with my accountable GP who is awful, no messaging or email is permitted, online booking limited to accountable GP or trainee. No online consultations like e-consult and out of area for other local practices so no choice. However I am now in London 5 days /wk and have an address I can use to go elsewhere. Many many people are dissatisfied with GP services but it is hard to change.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Yes, I can feel your frustration too... it is a very sad state of affairs that the patient is NOT allowed to see test or diagnostic scan results of their own body!! I grew up in Germany and they didn't have that attitude there... I find the GP attitude that they know best what I need to know or not. I have been with this surgery for 38 years, no problem... however, the GP I have seen all those years (in the main) has retired and I am stuck with his colleagues, whose attitude is vastly different and, as you point out, more business rather than patient orientated. I used to be able to speak to my GP via phone if it was nothing serious and the issue was sorted out very quickly and no time was wasted on either side. Not now. No emails... no telephone consultation. I have seen some of the notes the GP wrote in my record concerning a consultation I had a with him. At times, it bore no relation whatsoever to what I actually told him my health issue was at all! Not even close... no wonder I never got any closer to being referred to the right specialist! I too am looking for a different GP, but as I live out in the Country, that is difficult.

You mention the contract the relevant GP practice has with the NHS England. But as you say, if every surgery can run their business as they like and CHOOSE what you get to see or not, how would I, or any patient, find out if they are adhering to their contract? I bet I have no right at all to see the said the Contract to check ?

Yes, I can see some letters, his referrals and some Specialist results as well as SOME test results, although the latter are extremely pared down to a useless level!! So I call the surgery and ask the Receptionist to print out the complete test results, not just one small part of it. They resent that, of course. I frequently see the hopeful comments like ' we must control of our own health' on here and elsewhere... but it seems to me that we are absolutely not allowed to do that?

I will read the links you have kindly supplied and see where to go from there... if anywhere. I wish you all the very best in finding a new, open minded and patient oriented GP in London, where you will at least have a choice.


My GP told me last week that they are currently working on this in our practice. Currently medical record can be accessed online but gives only reason for consultation and blood test results.

We shall now be able to access same record as the medical professionals including all correspondence between medical professionals held by our GP practice.

Yes it is mandatory for all GP Practices to show you what the Doctor/Nurse/Health Professional has written about you in your consultation from 1st April 2020. Up to now it has been personal choice.

Some GP’s happily give patients all their information. In April the information will be going forward which is termed Prospective Access”. It means that all your previous consultations will not show the detail. This is not helpful if you have ongoing problems. The exception to this is GP practices who use VISION GP system as it does not have the functionality. This will be addressed in future.

If your GP does not switch on consultation text after 1April they are breaching their GP contract.

It is only a matter of addressing a few tick boxes on the set up screen. It has been available to show for years but they have no choice. You may be lucky they might let you view all of it. I hope so.

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