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Access to Patient Records Online


Well how ridiculous! You know you can access your patient records on line now? And when I rang up about it I was told I just needed to take some form of ID ? Well I just took my passport to my doctors and the receptionist said no, I have to have a meeting with the practice manager before I am allowed to access my patient record on line! So she said all you can do is order repeat prescriptions and book appts. I said that's utterly ridiculous and she just said I know! They are our records to have by rights and I'd only just Googled that the NHS want everyone to have access to their records at the click of a button by 2018! Well how the feck will they manage that with the practice manager needing to interview everyone first! 

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I have been ordering prescriptions on line for a good while and last time I did. there was my access to all my records.

To be honest I got a shock  , it looks like I'm a hypochondriac lol

JillOliver in reply to Pinkpeony

:-D oh dear! Thinking about it, I guess 'things' will have been written about us as patients by our doctors and maybe they are kinda scared of what we may actually get to see about ourselves...

Pinkpeony in reply to JillOliver

Jill it's not that so much.

It's seeing all the problems you have accrued since ' pussy was a kitten ' 😱

Hi JillOliver, I had the same problem at surgery a couple of weeks ago.  Why do they not want to let us have them without someone else's say-so, when it has been cleared by the Powers that Be.

Makes me wonder if the appointment is just a delay strategy so they can edit out all of the negative remarks they've made!  Oh I really can't wait to get my hands on mine now.

Yeah I am thinking that too butterfly!

Hidden in reply to Butterfly65

That's illegal!

Lilian15 in reply to Hidden

ha ha - so is obbery but that hasn't stopped people doing it.

Hey JillOliver

I've recently ( January) signed up for this omnishambles. I ordered my 1st repeat script this last week and it didn't work !!! it just showed 'requested' on patient access. When it still said 'requested' on Friday morning I phoned and talked some to a horizontal sounding receptionist who said that 'it's not up and running yet'. I could scream ! Was I down as Mystic Meg on their patient records ? How the freak am I supposed to know 'it's not up and running yet' in my bliddy crystal ball ?

My records are peppered with info about persistent urinary tract infections and I've had *one* in twenty years. When I finally got a response (phone call, natch. ) to my letter to the practise manager on Tuesday, she claimed that the UTI thing was just that practically every meeting I've had with my GP since that consult was considered a follow up appointment to the complaint. FFS ! There have been perhaps a dozen notes on my consultations that state 'externally entered' since 2013 - the practise manager claims that means someone else ( not the practise ) have added to my notes. WTF ? I've only had blood tests ! Who was it then ? Aliens ?

I fecking well give up. I had expected that this once noble health service was being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We may as well have monumental masons writing up our health records...

It's all maddeningly third rate and bound to infuriate this grumpy old mare who has NO fuse at all, most of these days. I've freaking paid for this patient access debacle and it doesn't bliddy work !!!

Have a lovely weekend :D

JillOliver in reply to Rapunzel

:-D sorry to laugh Rapunzel, but that was hilarious!! After seeing some reply's on here I am getting the gist of why they want to make it as awkward as possible to see our records! After all.... what are 'they' writing on our records about us! I know I would deffo have a 'comment' written about me by at least one of the Doc's I've seen, as we had an altercation over my levo dose at the time! 

I had to take in 2 forms of id and can now access the records, no need for any meeting. I've only had a quick look at them but cannot see any dr notes or comments, there are only partial blood results, no antibody results for example and none before 2011. I was hoping to see results from when first diagnosed 2002. Also does not state have autoimmune hypothyroidism and does not mention graves that I had previously. On the whole pretty unsatisfactory.

JillOliver in reply to lolajone

Hi Lolajone,

To be honest, all I really want to see is my blood test results, as I am sick of calling the surgery and having to ask for a printed copy of them and then going all the way down there to pick them up! They'll be charging me next for the paper they are printed on! And a friend of mine got told by her docs receptionist that it would be £5 if she wanted a copy of hers, but luckily her husband also had an apt. and the nice doc her saw just printed it off and gave it him.

lolajone in reply to JillOliver

Hi Jill I thought the date by which they had to have this in place was April 16. I was already signed up for appointments etc so it was just a click of the button once I provided the two forms of id. There are threads on here about what they must do so maybe quote that to them .....if you haven't already! :) just plain flipping obstructive your docs sounds like

JillOliver in reply to lolajone

I've had patient access for a while, but Al I can do is book docs apts. and order repeats of any meds. But I was wanting to see my blood test results and was originally told to take a form of ID, but now I have to have a meeting with the branch manager! And the receptionist seemed most put out actually, that I had even mentioned it! 

Steni in reply to JillOliver

Why are these ludicrous individuals allowed to continue in their posts without being monitored or reviewed? Are they never patients themselves I wonder. 

BeansMummy in reply to Steni

I guess that, unless you are a frustrated patient with a chronic illness and all that goes with that, you wouldn't even consider that you need access to your test results. Most people still implicitly trust their doctors to look after them.

I am not sure it is meant to have all records on line .Test results and prescriptions and appointments .But putting all past records on line would be a huge job.

Sa a consultant this week and he had access to xrays taken earlier in the year that i doubt i will be able to see online.

JillOliver in reply to Treepie

The NHS is committed to modernising its services so that they are as efficient and effective as possible and put patients in the driving seat of their care. The ambition is that by 2018 every citizen will be able to access their full health records at the click of a button, detailing every visit to the GP and hospital, every prescription, test results, and adverse reactions and allergies.

That's from NHS UK

Steni in reply to JillOliver

Fat chance ! 

humanbean in reply to Treepie

I understood that the first step is for all coded information to be put online. Getting everything else online e.g. copies of letters, handwritten notes etc will take a lot longer, if it happens at all.

JillOliver in reply to humanbean

Yeah could be why the NHS are saying by 2018: The ambition is that by 2018 every citizen will be able to access their full health records at the click of a button.


My surgery has, at last, put up a message that we can ask them for access to records. No idea whether they will ever read the request.

I have, so far, rung up three times and visited once in order to try to contact the practice manager to ask what is going on. Never there.

JillOliver in reply to helvella


humanbean in reply to helvella

I went looking on my own surgery's website. They've hidden it away in rather a small font, but apparently the option to view medical records will be available "in the near future". I'll believe it when I see it.

I've been able to get repeat prescriptions and make appointments for a while. I've asked about access to test results, and am totally getting the run-around. The receptionists have checked, and confirmed that this facility has been set up generally, but seen unable to help any further. I've phoned on several occasions, and get promises that the IT guy/manager/tea lady will call me back, but they never have. I've also emailed twice and had no reply. I'm going to add "paranoid" to my list of symptoms.

I've already got a copy of all my medical notes, which is a complete pile of fiction and mistakes (and other people's notes), but I only want to be able to access my blood test results without having to make an appointment! 

I'm going in for my B12 jab next week, and I will be a very public nuisance at the reception desk :) 

same here, they blocked my ability to sign in when I ticked I wanted to view my records!!! Now I cant sign in at all, until I go to the surgery to discuss with someone or other!! What's the point, if you wanted to view them in the surgery, you would do that in the first place!

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