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online medical records

my drs are finally doing this

we have to download a fom and fill in so now need to find a computer that will work our ptinter

and we need photo id which i dont have, im not going to buy a drivers liscence or passport to get access to my records

anyone know of a way around this? obviously im the not the only person in the world without photo id

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I didn't have photo id. I think I showed a council tax bill and electricity bill as proof of id and address.


ill have to dig out council tax bill, ive got a nasty feeling the council still have me in my maiden name ven though we keep calling and telling them

not many things come in my name as i leave all the bills to hubby allthough i do get a few official things

receptionist did say to fill in the forms and pop in and mayb a dr can vouch for me. ive seen the same dr as my mum did for allmost 7 years now



Bank statement, credit card statement, the official communications should do. Anything in your name with your address on it.


My practice is just getting round to being computerised. I was asked for my driving licence but it is an old one and not the photo one. The receptionist did not know what to do. I had just been to see the GP and told her that I did not need a photo to get to see him. She said she needed a photo. I took a selfie with my phone then and there, and showed her. She said that was fine!

I almost cut a hole in a bit of paper and looked through it. Maybe that would have done as well!

We can only book appointments at the moment (5 week wait!) but they are "working" on the rest.

@Mandy72 - if you have a computer with Win 8 or above, plug in the printer and the pooter should be able to find the right files for the printer to work.

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Ha ha ha I liked that.

Jo xx


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