Online Access to Health Records

Patient Online is an NHS England programme designed to support GP practices with the provision and promotion of online services to patients, including access to detailed coded information in records, appointment booking and ordering of repeat prescriptions.

Not sure when it will happen, but will surely make it easier for us to keep track of our results...

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  • Been able to do most of this since early this year.i believe it was supposed to be national from April. Not sure about coded records but can see test results after GP has scrutinised as they may hold them back until patient is seen to reduce anxiety.

  • My practice is already on line for some time.

  • I can book appointments, request repeat prescription etc, but my husbands surgery has blood test results online, mine doesn't. Any idea of why the anomaly?

    Next time I'm at a surgery if I get a friendly receptionist (hmm) I will ask why this is..

  • Same with me, have only recently got online access for appointments and repeat prescriptions, but no access to records yet.

  • And surgeries are opting out just as fast as they can! Why are the documents being offered for sale to anyone that has the cash to buy them?

  • For over a year i can book appointments online although often there are none available for any doctor for the next month so reckon they dont load up all slots online. I can also order repeat prescriptions to be delivered to my local tesco pharmacy. They still do not have test results though, i had to pay to get some and they didn't include any that the hospital had requested so was a pointless exercise really.. i hope this will change soon as will make life much easier for all of us

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