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can we rely and take online advice

my aunt is living all alone. i was planning to train her how to use net so for her daily medicines she can consult a doctor on net . but I wanted to ask how good it is to take online advice from doctor. Please I request everyone to comment on it because I have to make arrangement for her. Ofcourse I visit her atleast in 6 months that time I can take her to doctor . but for in between can i put her on online consultation . please suggest with your experiences on online advice.

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I haven't used an online service so am unable to comment.

Would it be possible for the doctor's surgery to copy you into correspondence to your aunt as it might be too complicated for someone who's never used a computer before. Or could your aunt phone you to put in a request on her behalf? Of course you'd have to enquire and have confirmation from the surgery.

I do know that doctors can send prescriptions direct to a local chemist for collection.


thanks for your reply but actually she is diabetic, as well as high b.p and high cholestrol. with medicines she is control . we have B.P. monitor etc. at home but she has small queries today B.P. is this what should I do or Today having headache what should I do. thus I was thinking about online consultation if can be done. i dont know i have been transferred and I have to make some arrangement.


With high blood pressure and high cholesterol, has she been tested for thyroid? There is a connection between diabètes and thyroid. Is she taking statins?

I have never had an online consultation, but I would imagine it would depend on who the doctor is. What doctor were you thinking about? Her own doctor? If it's just any old doctor, it would seem fraught with problems to me.

However, if she is thinking clearly, it couldn't be a bad thing to teach her to do her own research. Or join a forum like this - I'm sure there'd be suitable ones on HealthUnlocked. But without knowing your aunt, it's difficult to advise. Even if someone on here found that an on-line consultation was helpful, that doesn't mean that your aunt would. It's a very individual thing.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Hope you find a solution soon.

Hugs, Grey

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Thanks.No she has no problem of thyroid.

Actually she is old and in this forum she will get too many answers and analysing each answer is not possible for her.

i wanted for her someone who can give direct answers.

this is really great forum . It is only over here that i got so many replies . I was very optimistic that this is a great forum and great many good people are its member . I am still waiting may be I may get good replies which may solve my problem. for the time being I am planning to keep in touch via phone with her and will try to consult doctor at my place . let us see how things materialize.

i must say people in this forum have great knowledge


Well, seems like here you've drawn a blank. I Don't think it's the sort of procedure we go in for. I'm sorry about that. Have you tried posting on the other forums on HealthUnlocked. Maybe some other conditions would be more prone to on-line consulting.


it seems no one has ever taken online advice


Thanks greygoose surely I will post it in other forum.


ya i did post the query on other forum Thanks greygoose and i came to know about a very good website

I took online advice from there . onine advice is free and it is great.advice is from a senior doctor.


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