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Some advice please. I took the decision to self medicate a few months ago. I have been taking Thyro-Gold and I feel so much better. Other than the terrible itching and my breathlessness when I execise. I am due to go and visit a private GP for blood tests, because I thought it would be safer to be under the care of a doctor. But it's a lot of money that I can not really afford. So I was thinking of going down the route of using "blue horizon" for blood tests and asking the kindly folk on here for interpretation of the results. This is much cheaper option. But I am a bit nervous of taking away the safety net of a private GP. Advice please.

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Why not order the Blue Horizon tests and let members interpret the results. If you still want to see the private GP s/he can use the BH results.

Did you have the itching before starting ThyroGold? Breathlessness can be due to under and over medication but breathlessness on exertion sounds like under medication.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

I think I will do just that. Interesting about the breathlessness on exercise I did not know that could be linked with under medication. I will order blood tests and find out if this is the case.Can I ask if you know which is the best Blue Horizon test that will give a compressive screen including vitimn levels?

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It would have been more accurate for me to have said that low FT3 causes breathlessness on exertion.

Blue Horizon Profile 11 is a finger prick home test which covers the thyroid function tests and antibodies plus vitamin and mineral testing.

Thank you for your help. I have made the decision to cancel private GP and use Blue horizon. Saving me a lot of money. Thank you

hi jillkh, your dr. is obliged to care for you regardless of which meds route you go down, put your foot down and don't take s**t from him, don't forget you pay for this service ! don't pay for BH tests purely on the basis of your dr's likes/dislikes. good luck.

Hi Rainbow. I think I was not clear. The private GP is lovely and really supportive but I have to pay to have a consultation with him and pay for blood tests. Comes to a ton of money. I approached my own GP ages ago about taking NDT and was basically told not to be so stupid and to stop reading rubbish on the Internet. I don't have the will to fight him or the NHS on their ignorance. Hence I went down the private GP route. But now feel that I would like to just trust the wisdom of the members on here. And stop private GP and the cost of consultations. If that makes any sense?


It's difficult to get full range of tests on NHS. Even if GP agrees to T3, the labs over rule and won't do it.

Thank you Greenwall. You are right the NHS are not going to be able to provide the tests I want. I have decided to go through Blue horizon

I wouldn't pay for a private GP. And every test you pay for through the doctor probably has a lump added on top for his profit. Why pay a private GP when you can get advice from here for free?

Hi Humanbean. You are right, the private GP consultation plus blood tests is a fortune. I checked out the costing of a blood screen with Blue Horizon much cheaper. So I am going to use this forum. Thank you


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