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T3 meds

Well, after my appointment with my endo on 12th March, and him agreeing to prescribe T3, his letter has finally arrived at my gp today! Unfortunately, I am unable to get an appointment with my gp until 22 April and cannot get my script until I have seen her. Unbelievable! Six weeks from appointment to getting a script. Does anyone else have this kind of problem getting an appointment with a gp. I think three weeks is rather a long time, it's a good job I'm not dying. Yet.

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Barb, that's outrageous! Isn't there another GP who can read the endo's instruction and print off a scrip?


I would write a note pointing out the time frame and suggesting a telephone consultation with any doctor which could write the prescription. Tell receptionist your endo has advised you start on new meds asap.


I think it's appalling to have such a long wait to see a doctor. Whatever people are suffering from will probably have been 'cured' by that time or extremely unwell and take more time to recover.

I would drop a note to your GP and request a prescription for T3. He/she has had your Endos instructions. There's no reason a prescript shouldn't be left for you at the desk. Leaving her and you with less trouble.

I usually wait a couple of days for an appointment but yesterday a.m. I had to ask if I could have an urgent appointment and saw the GP at lunchtime (after his morning surgery).


call surgery and tell them you need emergency appt?


Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I did point out to the receptionist that it had already been three weeks since the consultant wanted to change my meds. Despite my insisting I needed to get these meds asap and couldn't she get me an emergency appointment she would only offer me one for one week before the one given. Unfortunately, I will not be in the country at that time. She did suggest if it was so important I could change my travel arrangements! It appears that, as I have not had this medication before I cannot get a script without actually being seen by my gp.

IMHO these 'rules' are just there to aggravate our conditions and really p*** off the patient.

Perhaps I should just go to the surgery and make enough fuss to at least get the script........... hmmm wonder if that would work............ but then they'd probably mark my file as being unco-operative or something, or get me escorted from the building.




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