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Prescription problems

Could anyone please advise me ? I've been taking T3 only since 2009 . I funded own medication up until 2013 after long battle with NHS to prescribe it on script . I'm having problems after problems the prescription is not on a repeat prescription ? I order my script a week before they are due , and each time there is a delay . I was left again with no meds for a week after the GP failed to sign script to be sent to chemist , I rang again today tone told it was still on GPs desk unsigned ? What can I do ? This is happening all too often . Is there a complaints procedure ? I'm at my wits end if I'm going to get script signed , my GP even reduced my dosage at one time

I had to go back to endo to say I only do well on 80 mcg !!

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Apparently the MHRA says we should have 3 months scrips at a time, and my old surgery used to comply. My new one would only give me ond month and as they are 5 miles away by the time I got the scrip and the meds were ordered and dispensed I could go for a week without levo. I solved it by quoting MRHA rukes at them, and they agreed to give me a block prescription, which was to be ordered by the pharmacy and dispensed monthly. Boots did the order, and delivered two months levo at a time. I cant get T3 on scrip, our local CCG wont wear it,



Make a written complaint to the practice manager or your GP. There's no excuse for taking a week to sign a script and leave a patient without medication. 48 hours should be ample time.

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Why not just buy your own from Greece? Probably costs no more than the phone calls and stress.



Could it be cost related? I've just found out that my 40mcg daily dose of T3 costs £520.00 per month. Seeing as you are taking 80mcg per day this equates to over £1,000.00 per month so, your GP might be wary of prescribing it seeing as they might not get enough funding to cover the cost.

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