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Could anyone please advise me ? I've been taking T3 only since 2009 . I funded own medication up until 2013 after long battle with NHS to prescribe it on script . I'm having problems after problems the prescription is not on a repeat prescription ? I order my script a week before they are due , and each time there is a delay . I was left again with no meds for a week after the GP failed to sign script to be sent to chemist , I rang again today tone told it was still on GPs desk unsigned ? What can I do ? This is happening all too often . Is there a complaints procedure ? I'm at my wits end if I'm going to get script signed , my GP even reduced my dosage at one time

I had to go back to endo to say I only do well on 80 mcg !!

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  • Apparently the MHRA says we should have 3 months scrips at a time, and my old surgery used to comply. My new one would only give me ond month and as they are 5 miles away by the time I got the scrip and the meds were ordered and dispensed I could go for a week without levo. I solved it by quoting MRHA rukes at them, and they agreed to give me a block prescription, which was to be ordered by the pharmacy and dispensed monthly. Boots did the order, and delivered two months levo at a time. I cant get T3 on scrip, our local CCG wont wear it,

  • Ruby13,

    Make a written complaint to the practice manager or your GP. There's no excuse for taking a week to sign a script and leave a patient without medication. 48 hours should be ample time.

  • Why not just buy your own from Greece? Probably costs no more than the phone calls and stress.

  • Hiya,

    Could it be cost related? I've just found out that my 40mcg daily dose of T3 costs £520.00 per month. Seeing as you are taking 80mcg per day this equates to over £1,000.00 per month so, your GP might be wary of prescribing it seeing as they might not get enough funding to cover the cost.

    TT x

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