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My Ferritin is -20 in last blood test. For many years I have low ferritin even though I am supplementing with Iron all this time. I take Floradix 'Floravital' and sometimes alternate with 'Spatone' liquid Iron, and recently have started on 'NATURES PLUS' , 'hema plex which I take with Vitamin C.

Actually I am unclear as to what exactly Ferritin is. I would appreciate any advice .

This is a wonderful resource.

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Hi Daffodil, this article has lots of good information for you.


Hi Heloise...many thanks for this link. It provides all the information I need and is v informative.


HI Spatone is very mild, You would be best from iron from GP on a script. Even so, mine is still low. Take with vit C and away from thyroid meds.



HI Daffidols

I would go with what Jackie says, but get your prescription from the doctor, who can advise on how much and which to take, but then buy over the counter, because it costs about £1.90 or so to buy 30 tablets of Fersaday (ferrous Fumarate that I take) and is therefore much cheaper than the prescription charge!


Most people here are not subject to prescription charges by way of exemption certificate if not by age, etc., living in Scotland or Wales, being outside the UK.


Thank you both so v much for your helpful advice. Actually I live in Ireland, so, as soon as I have enough energy I shall do some research on where to get it here. Feeling depleted and so worn out right now.


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