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Adrenal advice

Hi people.. What do u do if u suspect an adrenal problem when using NDT.. Do I stop using it until anything is confirmed... I seemed to have hit a wall, my muscles & joints are aching all over.. The only adrenal symptom that I have is the pupil & light test.. I don't think its ferritin because I've been supplementing every day... I don't have any hyper symptoms at all, feel like I need to increase NDT to 3.5 grains.. Have my first blood in 2 weeks time with NDT, so don't want to raise right now anyway!!

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Rudegirl, I think Dr. P's protocol is to stop thyroid meds and supplement Nutri-Adrenal or Nutri-Adrenal Max for two weeks before resuming thyroid meds. There are posts on adrenals in this link

Probably best to check your thyroid levels in two weeks on your current dose before making any changes.

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Thanks clutter, I've been sore & exhausted the last few days.. I've gotten up this morning & I'm right as rain, maybe been carrying a virus for a few days.. I'm feeling good again.. 👍..

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