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Blood results can you help me decipher them!!??

Hi again I managed to get my last blood printout and bloomin shocked at how easy the receptionist made it given all the usual palaver at my surgery if you ask for anything!!

Free t4 serum 11.9 (12-22)

TSH 8.2 (0.3-5)

Fasting glucose 4.8 (3.3-6.0)

Hdl cholesterol fasting 0.9 (1.0-1.8)

Cholesterol fasting 5.1 no ranges

LDl cholesterol 3.4 (2.0-4.5)

Cholesterol:hdl ratio fasting 5.7 no ranges

Non hdl cholesterol fasting 4.2 no ranges

Triglyceride fasting 1.71 (<1.5)

My blood count and neutrophils etc are all bang centre in the ranges except white blood which was the higher side of the middle but I was in the midst of another resp infection!!

There was no thyroid antibody despite being told by gp it was slightly out - in fact on the blood form it recommended a thyroid antibody measurement - next bloods due 9 April so I will ask the nurse to include it and take this copy with me to show why.

Any comments or suggestions, info etc regarding the above much appreciated xxx

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I will leave others to respond to your blood tests but I assume you aren't yet on levothyroxine?

With a TSH you must be feeling awful and are hypothyroid, despite the doctor appearing to wait until it reaches the 'magic' number of 10. Your TSH is too high and T4 is below range. It's appalling.

Many doctors will prescribe around 5 with clinical symptoms. In many other countries you are medicated around 3. The UK must have the most undesired/out of date (for patients) guidelines.

You have to make an appointment to see your GP and take these links with you.


I have been given 25mg levothyroxine started last Tuesday the above bloods were 25th feb and I was told they were just borderline and not to be treated without another similar or worsened result in 3 months time, the 25mg was just to shut me up and get me out the door for another 6 weeks and I fear that after next bloods they will take even that away. I can trace my earliest issues to age 10 when I first started with ibs appx a year after tonsillectomy, I thought I was dying and was too scared to tell my mum how I felt but that was my first sign - since my horrendous glandular fever problem in 2013 everything I had before has worsened dramatically and I was assured it's all just post viral fatigue and to go away basically. It's only when just over 5 weeks ago I started suffering heart weirdness (rolling jumping sensation up my neck and in my chest at times constantly throughout the day for hours at a time) and a nurse at work noticed a distinct rhythm change that they decided to book an ecg (for a week later) and a set of bloods (also a week later!) and review 3 weeks after that - I work for the nhs and to give that service to my patients I would be appalled at myself!!! Anyhow Ecg inconclusive so 24 hr trace tomorrow, and bloods "hmmm borderline possibly" and here we are!


Your doctor will have to do more than 25mcg. It's appalling really that patients have to 'plead' for a medication that costs £1.40 per month. This is a reply

I did earlier re a low dose of 25mcg.*really*-be-feeling-okay

My heart played up before I was treated and afterwards it was even worse. So I hope you have some improvement. 50mcg would be better.

It's like getting blood out of a stone trying to get a prescription.

If you've got a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges, post on another question for comments. If you've not got one ask the surgery for a copy.

In your Profile, if you put a thyroid history so that members don't ask you too many repeat questions


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