I'm dreading it :-(

I've got a visit to heamotoligy today as doctor said my thyroid is ok and I argued the case,he decided to refer me,my Tsh is 2.57 and t4 12.4 tpo was 3 so that's ok,plus I'm b12,vit d and folate,deficient,but after loading doses Dr hasn't put me down for further jabs,I'm so worried that he will just poo poo it and say your fine what are you even here for,just to let you know my dad is hypothyroid,do you think that will help him if I tell him ?

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  • Hi joeltite1

    No, I don't think it will make any difference to tell GP that it is in the family. Once upon a time they did take a family history of illnesses but not often nowadays I believe.

    I don't know if you have seen this link and again some doctors might take into consideration our symptoms but many don't and stick to the above 5 and up to 10 before giving us medication.


  • Ah yes I've looked at that one before :-)

    So I wonder then what is the point in getting any help if these professionals can't even get it rite,we mite as well all die a slow painful death as they all don't seem to have a clue :-(

  • they don ttake familie history now , we must all be estranged, and they do not connect mind to body- if you are bodily ill, your mind will worry and if you are a worrier it will affect yourbody--- hey ho.. not rocket science is it, an d we are all from energy and all lconnected some how.

  • Obviously it is not a good idea to argue with the haematologist but try and arm yourself with as much info and evidence as possible. Write down your symptoms, and any strategy he suggests in overcoming them. Discuss any worries and ask questions on any steps to be taken if his approach didn't happen to work (ie you didn't get better).

    I know this is all difficult when you feel so unwell and at your most vuneral and just want to be made better. However, To most doctors we are just hypochondriacs and I consider them more accommodating if you present calm and enthusiastic to get better as opposed to just listing symptoms and moaning.

    Good luck with your appointment.

  • Lol with my b12 I argue in an empty room :-)

    I have my list and unbeknown to me hubby has been keeping one as well ! Told me last nite to tell heamo from an onlookers point if veiw.

    I'm taking my print out from my bloods so I can point out what im concerned with as well as I won't be able to see his comp screen,I'm hoping he is sympathetic and it goes well :-)

  • I assume each 'profession' in the medical sphere might not want to 'interfere' with another's "expertise" so may only want to check your blood for any activities. So don't be too disappointed even when we are very frustrated as we know something's out of kilter.

    I hope it goes well.

  • Lol. That good you sound upbeat. Just keep focussed on answers and strategy. Don't be fobbed off. Good luck.

  • Off to get ready,will post later if not to trumatised :-)

  • Why on earth has your zgP given you a loading doses of B12 & then stopped it!! Madness!! Your levels will simply drop now Iits been stopped. Clearly GP doesn't understand the need for ongoing treatment! The haemitologist should be able to help with this aspect so worth talking. Also make sure he/she knows when they stopped the b12injections! There is a link across to hypothyroidism & PA....so what have you to loose by asking the haemo specialist?

    Finally if you've got time ring the Pernicious Anemia website helpline they have specialist nurses on there who can advise you on this visit & also what you need to ask for.

    Good luck & let us know how you do!! Xx

  • Thank you,I spoke to martyn Hooper once I found out about b12 he gave me great advise,and I took that knowledge to the Dr and he poo pooed it and said they have no idea what there on about !! Its been a battle for sure :-( I'm off now,will post later x

  • ...sadly it is your GP that doe not know what he is on about. Hope all goes well for you....


    These are the new guidelines which clearly state that CLINICAL signs should be treated and not just the blood test :-)

  • Ok so I'm back,he was a really nice man,he has got the Dr to put me on once a month b12 jabs for six months,he has reffered me to endo,due to headaches and vision problems,ive got to go back to see him in 4 weeks,but he did say I'm not anemic as there would be signs in parts of my FBC !! So b12 isn't really a factor,becasuse I felt crap again after 2 weeks of loading dose he didn't think it was b12 just a placibo !! I could tell he wanted to blame depression but he was good and really wanted to rule out everything else and suggested MRI as well,he said most of my symptoms are none specific !! No they are all b12 symptoms,hey ho a good and mixed visit but have a boorish result,he also said he I mite have to go on a low dose of levo for thyroid,plus side he did put me down as urgent for endo :-)

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