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TT Aug 2013 and now Pregnant, some reassurance x

HI all,

I'm in early stages of pregnancy. Hubs and I had only been trying for 2 months so it was some what of a surprise to catch so soon.

I see an endo every 3 months and he told me to contact him as soon as know I'm pregnant which I did and I saw him today at his Maternity/Endo clinic.

Bit of background my TSH is classed as unreliable due to a rare antibody in my blood. Its all very odd and confusing. Anyway, I have been doing really well for past year and half on 150mcg Levo and 20mcg Lio. Today consultant said (which I knew already) that I would need to stop Lio and increase levo. He explained the reasons behind this and I am totally happy to do whatever he thinks is best. He has been great with me over the years and has said he wants to see me and have bloods done weekly for the time being until things are stable.

I just want some reassurance that I'll be ok, that my baby will be ok. I'm so scared of loosing it. Its ok to increase meds but if TSH is unreliable we don't know if we're on the right track and it worries me to think little one might not be getting enough. If anyone has been through this too, and come out the other end all ok xxx

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Congratulations ChelleBelleX :) :) xxx

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Hello I'm on 125 Levo increased from 100. On confirmation of pregnancy GP increased to 150 but became overmedicated. Dropped to 125, tsh is under one but not suppressed as much. Free t4 16 I've got a Hashi antibody count of under 35 which is negative in the ranges for my lab.

I was concerned too about the mini me, try not to be 😊 At least your already under the care of endo and you will be well managed and monitored. I have thyroid function blood tests now every 4 weeks, which up to 12 weeks pregnant were every fortnight.

I will admit I'm quite pro active with it and do push for this lol but we were ttc for over 5 years with this bean and I wasn't willing to risk it 😊🙏 were almost 15 weeks now and saw our little one last week at a scan 😍

As I'm aware they stop t3 during pregnancy and lean towards just Levo. Not sure why. But I'm sure everything will be fine

Congrats xxxxx

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Thank you, this is great to hear and congratulations too. I think my biggest worry is that my TSH is classed as unreliable so makes reading my bloods harder than usual. He said they do additional checks like heart rate and blood pressure etc. I'm a rare case and he's not seen something with my issue before. I have everything crossed my little bean stays stuck and put for remaining 8 months xx


Whats your latest tsh been ? Xx


TSH is unreliable due to a rare antibody I have in my blood. Its at 7.9 when I conceived, but we've been told by Blood specialists to ignore it as it isn't accurate.

T4 is 19.6 (Range 11-22)

T3 is 5.8 (Range 3.5-6.5)

Having bloods done weekly now starting on Tuesday xx


Wow you would have done well to conceive with a tsh that high. Do you get flare ups or is your antibody always there? The other results are good. So I would agree the tsh is not accurate as your in range with the others and usually when my tsh is on the move the t4 is out of kilter too. Xx


Thanks, as I said my TSH is not reliable so chances are that figure is very wrong as I feel fab and have done for a very long time now. My T4 and T3 levels have been very stable and never really changed. My TSH has been higher, and I still feel fine xx


you need to find the name and all you can about this antibody. It means you have autoimmune disease..not a good mix. Please find the name and let me know, will you? Maybe not so rare, as you think. If i were you , i would be eating for reversing autoimmune conditions..Dr. Mark Hyman and isabella wentz, both have info on it..please google the autoimmune diet and their names.


Its not an autoimmune disorder we have been informed by blood specialists at Addenbrooks about this. Its nothing really to worry about its just like a protein that latches on to TSH to mask it. Its so rare no one really knows anything about this. my notes have been around the world about this.


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