Disaster app with endo

Hi all just letting you know how I got on today or the lack of it. The endo wasn't there so I saw a fella under him who told me my bloods were ok with a TSH of 22. I had a list if questions that he couldn't answer so he brought in the doctor who was covering for endo. Guess what she was a surgeon and knew nothing about thyroid. I had to fight for an increase of 100 eltroxin. It was the final nail in the coffin. I'm seeing my doc on Monday to get referred to a Dublin hospital. They couldn't answer anything I asked they want me to wait until the 9th Jan when endo is back to get answers to my questions no hope of that. Thanks to you all for educating me and making me able to stand up for myself.

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  • Education, education, education is the mantra. You must have found it surprising/annoying they couldn't answer basic questions. Before the blood tests students would have known all clinical symptoms but now they diagnose by blood tests alone.

  • Shaws, even a rookie doctor should know that TSH 22 isn't normal for a patient on 75mcg.

  • I thought it was 2. Isn't it appalling that doctors don't know. It's not even 'normal' range. I think Mauds should complain.

  • Shaws I felt like pulling the hair out if my head it was like talking to a brick wall no hope

  • There comes a time when we have to do our own thing otherwise may end up very unwell indeed.

  • That's shocking, Mauds, you're twice over the ref range for overt hypothyroidism. Well done for getting the increase to 100mcg and good luck with getting a referral to Dublin. I hope you won't have to wait too long.

  • Clutter they did everything to try convince me to stay on 75 but I dug in thanks to you all

  • TSH of 22 ................IS OK report the pair of them to the GMC

    Its utterly disgraceful because they only have to look up TSH reference ranges to know that is wrong

    You must be very hypothyroid and in dire need of a better dosage

  • Dire is an understatement they're all dopes as far as I'm concerned

  • Comhairle na nDochtuiri Leighis/Medical Council

  • Though I do not understand the scores, for me it is heartening to infer from the comments of aware and educated persons that medical service workers are not demi god. ( I can think of three erroneous diagnosis/treatment leading to death in my immediate family e.g. one person was given an IM as IV, another diabetic went into coma on being given glucose drip instead of saline)...

  • Why was your appointment standing if the endo wasn't there? Your appointment should have been changed to when the endo WAS available!! I'm confused, if I book to see an endo there is usually a clinic with other endos available, I always see the same one (I insist!!) If for some reason the endo is not there the secretary rings me to arrange another appointment.

  • Maybe Maud's has been attending a teaching hospital. I do and I have only seen my named endo one in six visits. Every other time I have seen a trainee, obviously they have spoken to my endo and last time the trainee went off to consult with the endo before signing me off. You are very, very lucky to see the same person every time.

  • It my local hospital only one endo not a teaching hospital. They haven't a clue how to treat people. I have to get away from there

  • That is really awful, you really have to wonder how anyone could possibly think a TSH of 22 was alright. You would think they might have noticed it was a bit over the upper limit of the lab range wouldn't you. Hopefully your doctor will be able to refer you to someone better. Well done for holding your own with the useless ones. You're right, this site helps / has helped so many people.

  • If I hadn't found this site I would have accepted everything they told me I've learned a lot since Aoril thanks to all if you. I'm not taking no for an answer getting to dublin hospital well away from the lot here where I live

  • I'm a public patient not private. That's the second time it's happened.

  • Generally if you ask the nurse when you are weighed etc. if you can see the named endo then they will find room for you, you may have to wait a bit longer though. Teaching hospitals make no difference, if you want to see the named endo then pull out all the stops!

  • We don't get weighed or anything. Have to go to my doc week before app with endo and get my bloods done so I can bring them up with me. They don't do anything for me in that hospital.

  • Then you should MAKE them!! Whose health is it?

  • My health that's why I'm getting out if there they've not got a clue. Anything to save money for the HSE

  • So, what we have learned is that if your TSH is in range, you are fine. If your TSH is out of range, you are also fine. Woo hoo, I think I have a medical degree!

  • I've definately a medical degree after this farce

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