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What happens to the thyroid

after being zapped by RAI ?

Does it just sit there doing nothing or does it quietly Rot ?😕

After this treatment two years ago and never being well, I wondered if it sits there trying to invent further problems to inflict!

I had thought that after bringing my vits up to scratch ? some improvement would be seen, but I must be one of the few people who doesn't feel cock-a-hoop with a high b12!

I had a few little eczema patches that were no bother, but now something has woken them up with a vengeance.

I have a particularly troublesome one at the base of my throat which my OH pointed out with much irony is in the exact shape of a butterfly.

Is the little blighter trying to get it's own back lol .

By the way treatments for eczema much appreciated. BTW I have already tried wings of bat and toes of newt. 😊

Cheers Pp

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How are your VitD levels ? Interesting about your butterfly shaped eczema - I had a butterfly shaped white patch in the same place for years before diagnosis. Used to put fake tan on it - diluted with cream to match it in with my skin colour. Thought for years it was because I had sprayed perfume on my neck :-)


Thanks for the reply Marz

Vit d was 133 in November.

It's really annoying because when you speak to anyone, they look at my neck as if I had the " lurgy "or something.😱

I guess you would have a tan so maybe not so noticeable. Not like us pasty faced northerners.Lol

Cheers Mary


Time to get the red lipstick out ! Then they will be amazed and staring at that ! My white butterfly was long before moving here :-)

Wow that is a good D result :-)


Haha. Was it eczema and how long did u have it?

I have tried everything from tea tree to aloe vera to babies nappy cream to no avail.

My son gave me some Betasone? from the doc's but nothing works.

I am currently working on the gin & tonic cure in the hope at least it will help me forget about it lol

Cheers Pp


...think it was vitiligo but in an area that was trying to tell me something :-) Had it through my thirties/forties until diagnosis at 59 - some ten years go :-) Now a thing of the past.....

Enjoy the G&T ....


PP, I think it shrivels up to nothing much. Thyroid sometimes regenerates after hyperthyroid patients have RAI but doesn't usually do anything useful although it can cause problems for some.

Gabkad has posted that she needs her T3 dose 'just so'. Too little and eczema returns and too much and she gets tinnitus.


Thanks Clutter

T3 would be a fine thing. I have a thyroid blood panel in April , I am going to broach the subject then .

A senior member of the practice almost had apoplexy when I mentioned in November.

Regards Pp


PP, worried about the hit on his drug budget, probably. Some CCGs won't allow practices to prescribe T3 without an endo recommendation which is why so many members self medicate.


Hi Pinkpeony, I've had eczema all my life. I recently found an organic cream which really takes the itch away, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say what it is? You may have already tried it anyway.


Hi Cal

Will you PM me with the name.

Will try anything!

Regards PP


done. :)


That was quick. I have ordered it I didn't realise they were based in "my neck of the woods" lol

Thanks again


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I do hope it helps :)


Thanks Cal. Will Google it.

Cheers Pp


Your body breaks down any tissue not working and expels it from the body. I have heard people say that their thyroid 'comes back to life' or 'regrows' but I do not believe its the same tissue.


Glynisrose, it is thyroid tissue which regenerates and can make the patient hyperthyroid again, requiring follow up RAI or thyroidectomy.


Thanks Glynisrose and Clutter.

Scary either way 😱



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