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Difficulty swallowing and sore throat

The 24 year old daughter of a friend had high fever, sickness and fatigue last September and has found it difficult to eat solid food since then. She mainly eats soups, shakes and other high calorific soft foods to keep her weight on although she has lost over a stone in weight. Acid reflux and H.pylori have been ruled out. Prescribed antibiotics but developed allergy so had to stop taking the dose. Over the last few weeks she has suffered swollen tongue where tongue feels too big for the mouth and throat feels like it closing together with a blotchy rash that comes and goes from face and body. It's a long shot but does anyone have any ideas? Could it be thyroid related? She doesn't have an eating disorder. Doctors are puzzled.

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Doctors are always puzzled if they 'have' taken blood tests for the thyroid gland when the TSH is 'within the normal range'. It's not the first time someone has remained undiagnosed as modern doctors are unaware of the clinical symptoms which used to be taken into account before the blood tests became into force.

Has the daughter been given a blood test for thyroid hormones as her symptoms do sound hypothyroid. A swollen tongue is a clinical symptom and did the doctor palpate her neck as she has trouble swallowing which could be her thyroid gland which is swollen.

Has the doctor taken blood tests, i.e. TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3 (most important). Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate?

When she has a blood test for the thyroid hormones it should be as early as possible as TSH is highest then (the TSH doesn't always rise sufficiently and it is a pituitary hormone) and doctors are apt to disregard whereas it is not impossible.



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Thank you Shaws I will pass this info on. I understand an ultrasound scan showed nodules on thyroid but she was told these were not causing problems. She had a thyroid test done but only TSH taken - I do not know what the result was except they said it was normal. No vitamin levels have been tested.


Thank you for your response. I will pass these suggestions on.


research this yourself and if you have any questions just ask, do not think this won't work natural medicine is 100s of times more effective than pharma medicine.

You should try taking Iodine it cures most thyroid problems and is the most potent anti-biotic we have. curezone.org/faq/q.asp?a=13...


the 7% one is optimum for our body on here altcancer.com/lugols.htm

start with one drop on the skin to make sure she doesn't have a reaction to it. then one drop every 7 hours then two drops optimum is 50mg a day, always take after food and supplement with selenium to aid uptake this is found in good quantities in brown rice, also look at taking a good probiotic I'm sure someone can recommend a good one that works

you can also try elder berry juice this is another potent medicine herbwisdom.com/herb-elderbe...

you would also benefit by cleaning your blood which will take less stress of your thyroid liver and kidneys, you can do this with an infusion of parsley every couple of days and an Epsom salt bath cleans your blood. whfoods.com/genpage.php?tna...

remember the lighter halogen elements are all toxic to us fluorine chlorine and bromine they put these substances in almost everything we come into contact with these stop the uptake of Iodine and are normally responsible for at least 90% of thyroid trouble.

also if it is a parasite (slippery elm bark) or tick infection (Japanese Knotweed)

also take some organic sulphur some types of MSM are sulphur but not many


This is potentially dangerous.

Iodine is NOT a cure for most thyroid problems (at least, those that are not directly caused by low iodine). And certainly not in doses of 50,000 micrograms a day (typical RDA is 150 micrograms a day).

The selenium content of brown rice varies considerably. By variety, by where grown, and by how it is prepared. A typical content might be 10 micrograms in 100 grams of cooked rice - but it could be very much lower. So less that a seventh of a typical RDA.

I wonder if you have ever checked what happens if you consume no sodium chloride? If you are insisting that all halogens lighter than iodine are toxic, you really do have to explain this.

I'd have a bit more belief if, for example, your iodine link wasn't to someone selling it.


Thank you. I have noted the various comments and have passed them on to the young lady in the hope she can get a diagnosis.


The FDA set the level of Iodine at the amount required to prevent goitre it is not anywhere near the amount to protect us from fluoride poisoning and all the other jobs Iodine does in our bodies.

I clearly stated to research this themselves I have also provided links in my other posts to the relevant research.

Why should I waste hours of my time when the majority of people are not able to take responsibility for their own health, surely some people would get curious as to why I am pointing people in this direction I cannot hold peoples hands, if they cannot see they are responsible for themselves I can only make people think.

Why are people on here not forming groups to analyse natural cures and leaving it to doctors who are working for corporations.

all of the thyroid medications I have looked at contain Iodine then they add in bad stuff like preservatives (aluminium) fillers read blue jackets post about what goes into the majority of vitamins this also goes into your drugs why do you think there are side effects?


the thyroid needs a certain amount of iodine to be able to purify the blood but Iodine is used throughout the body these receptor cells get filled with the lighter halogen elements it is called The law of halogen displacement and is the first talked about on this link loveforlife.com.au/content/...

so this paper is from the CDC in America emergency.cdc.gov/agent/chl...

this is a paper relating to chlorine dioxide


at the moment 4 of the 5 water companies that supply Sydney's water are mixing chlorine with ammonia to create chloramine the cdc paper says this is explosive also chlorine releases a gas that you inhale that causes lung problems this is another site but I don't really trust mercola but it can be used as a starting point to do your own research


Fluoride which is derived from uranium processing has been proven to restrict certain enzymes one of which is acetylcholine esterase without this enzyme you cannot remove acetylcholine which is released by your brain when you see a traumatic event without the removal of this chemical whenever you get reminded of the trauma you can have a panic attack this causes anxiety, there are also 40 papers in the national library of congress stating its toxicity 20 of these state it causes cancer obviously I can't show you these but they are there.

This is one link to bromine, Sydney council are adding this to swimming pool water I am currently trying to get them to take it out but someone has hacked into my email account and deleted the correspondence between us proving that they are intentionally poisoning the public kumed.com/~/media/Imported/...

Then we have the fact that we are bombarded with radiation from the electrical devices in our cities you will need to go and buy an irradiation meter to test this, it is a well known fact that when there are accidents involving radiation poisoning iodine is used to cure people.

I can go on and on but what's the point if you don't understand I am trying to help you all. well actually maybe if this wakes oneperson up then it will be worthwhile.

This link shows you it causes mental retardation as well as many other things if you understand the poisons that are intentionally aimed at us then you will start to research these things yourself.



states it is separate body and gives you various factual evidence

and this is a youtube video don't get put off that it is alex jones listen to the advice.

Iodine is one of the best chelators of heavy metals, heavy metals are the reason your pharma drugs do not work yes they might help you but they do not cure you. metal inhibits minerals

I suggested the lady take a completely safe level, building up to 50mg a day hence 1 drop = 6.25mg three times a day every 6 hours,

your body has completely used up this amount in that time

I would recommend 3 days of taking iodine and one day off you are more than welcome to take the poisons that the pharmaceutical company give you I do care but I can only make you think.

If you have a good doctor then you can ask him for boron tablets you need to take tyrosine before you take the boron as this aids uptake this works on the parathyroid

Iodine and Japanese knotweed both work on the thyroid and central nervous systems and I know knotweed is reputed to kill the lyme disease although I have never come across anyone with it.

Every one that has trusted me I have cured now this is not many people but like I said if you want any advice ask me it is as much about not putting poisons into you as putting the right things into you

Boron is safe although boron derivatives are allegedly harmful to pregnancy although no-one can come up with any proof of this and boric acid is in all plant life so I find it hard to believe that the EU is telling the truth although I am questioning this with them, it is a slow process as you can imagine when you are dealing with such corrupt beings just like the FDA really do not trust these people without doing your own research into them try starting with the aspartame story then come and tell you trust their statements.

Diseases associated with a lack of iodine, or that may be treated with iodine include:

•Fibrocystic breast disease

•Breast cancer


•Chronic Fatigue syndrome

•Ovarian cysts

•Ovarian cancer

•Uterine fibroid tumors

•Thyroid problems (almost all of them)

•Nodular vasculitis


•Fungal infections

•Bronchial asthma



•Fluoride, bromide and chloride toxicity


No UK thyroid hormones contain any colours.

It is obvious that thyroid medicines which supply thyroid hormones contain iodine. About 65% of levothyroxine by weight.


So lets go into this a bit further and try and work this out unless you are like the NRAS charity which has no interest in giving the people who are suffering from arthritis the cure which I have given them

The thyroid contains 15 mg of iodine the science says humans only need 5 grams for a 70 year lifespan but they are not telling you certain things,

the female breast has been found to contain 60mg Iodine,

if we have thyroid problems then that would mean the breast is deficient the use of various chemicals in our products depletes Iodine so Parabens are the main cause of breast cancer and Iodine would be needed to remove these being sprayed into us.

If we have a mercury filling these emit 430mcg a day of mercury into us selenium is the most effective remover of mercury so that would lessen the uptake of Iodine and the body would also use Iodine to remove the mercury the body also uses candida to remove mercury,

now we have fluoride this binds with calcium and aluminium which is in lots of things as a preservative there is upto 50mg of aluminium in processed cheese alone it is also in deodorants and some of the drugs they give you (that's nice of them)

this is one experiment nuffieldfoundation.org/prac...

where the halogen elements are mixed with aluminium foil when you wrap your food in this foil it leaches aluminium into your food now these elements may be different than what are put into our food and products but I bet you some of them end up in our bodies.

Iodine is part of your stomach acid and it is also used in every cell in your body.

do you see why I don't trust what the doctors tell us,

now if you are genuine about helping people we can break things down further your kidneys normally excrete what Iodine you don't need but are we just excreting the iodine because we don't have the right balance of nutrients to uptake the iodine we need tyrosine to uptake it as well

and I imagine Boron would be helpful as well

The idea of a charity should be to help people that's why you are given money from the public, It is not hard to work this stuff out, when someone comes along its best not to try and shoot them down with there aren't any colours in our meds but I bet you there are other horrors like magnesium stearate which eats your stomach lining

and this then leads onto absorption problems the meds they give you are a joke as well as the information but when we don't research things ourselves that's when you get problems this system is designed to keep you as a customer do you really think we cannot fix these things.

to cure someone you have to go through the whole body I start with educating them about the toxins that go into our body then once they have stopped putting toxins into them we clear the heavy metals out of them then clear the blood arteries and then rebalance the stomach bacteria then you can fix the problem there is no other way

you cannot just drop a pill into someone the way medicine is practised today it is a complete farce they have no intention of curing you,


And one other thing the Japanese have a daily intake of around 12.5 MG of Iodine,

they live longer and have a very low breast cancer problem ok they also get a lot of green tea which has lots of goodies in and a high amount of squalene but the iodine intake is not deemed to be dangerous for them so why is it allegedly dangerous for us.


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