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Sore Throat

Hi, wonder if anyone can help for the last four weeks I have had a sore throat just when I think its gone it comes back with a vengeance, I can seem to shake it off, Im wondering if it is anything to do with my thyroid as it seems most things are, all I seem to be getting just lately is colds and sore throats, I used to go for years without a cold or sore throat but just lately its seems im always having them, I had my blood results for my thyroid and it has gone up from 0.03 to 2.7 so that's good but that is within a month, I have also been put on HRT as I have zero estrogen and my hormones are out of whack and I have been getting hot flushes really bad, Im so fed up with getting old and everything that comes with it and my thyroid has a lot to do with it. I also have a cough which seems to be going on forever I just hate these sore throats.

Wonder if anyone has got any ideas.



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Is your Vitamin D in range?


Hi my vit d range is really low and the doctor mentioned it when I saw him about my results but he didn't give me anything, so could it be to do that and how is that possible what has your vit d got to do with sore throats.

Thank you for your reply

Tina xx


Because what you have written about constant sore throats and coughs is exactly how I was for several years - many chest infections too - and my Vit D was low and as soon as it got back up, these stopped and any occasional cold/cough/sore throat was only mild after that.

You can buy Vit D from Holland & Barrett. Did the doctor not advise you as to the dose to take?

It affects the immune system.

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Not sure if this is helpful but the intermittent sore throat has been doing the rounds here. Not just me but also friends/colleagues. I think you need to watch out for signs of infection ie coughing up anything yellow (could be OK) or green (definitely isn't) plus fever and see the doc if you are still ill on Friday.

Try to take it easy. Just edited re Vitamin D it can boost your immune system.


Thank you for your reply, I cant go back to the doctors I have seen him twice in the last week regarding my blood results, he will think Im a hypochondriac.

I just keep hoping it will go away but it hasn't so far.

TIna xx


You wouldn't be going about the blood results, it would be about the sore throat and cough. Normally you would eventually get rid of them.


Mummytina, why has your TSH gone up to 2.7? Have your thyroid meds been cut? 2.7 is high for someone on meds, it's usually considered right at just above or below 1.0 although some people need it lower 0.2-0.5 to feel well. Your thyroid may be swelling in an attempt to produce more hormone. Can you post your results with the lab ref ranges and the previous ones if you have them. If your HRT is in tablet form take it 4 hours away from Levothyroxine as oestrogen affects thyroxine absorption.

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Hi Clutter, thank you for replying my last blood test TSH was 0.25mu/L (0.3-5.6) my free T4 was 14.0pmo/L (6.3-14.0) my serum ferritin was 40ug/L (11.0 - 307.0) and my Vit D was 31 nmol/L and deficient was <50 nmol/L my B12 was 548pg/mL (180-914.0) my plasma folate level was 5ng/mL (4.0-20.0). These tests were done in May 14.

I hope this is what you wanted.

Tina x


Tina, May TSH and FT4 look good. I'm trying to figure out why your TSH has risen to 2.7. If your Levothyroxine wasn't reduced I think the HRT may be blocking absorption and you may need an increase. 4 weeks on HRT and 4 weeks of recurrent sore throats which could be thyroid swelling seem likely connected.

I assume you're supplementing iron, vitD and folic acid?



I have only been on HRT for a week and have had a recurrent sore throat for about 4 weeks, the doctor mentioned my vit d being low but never prescribed anything for it or for iron or folic acid. Never mentioned either that I should leave a gap between my thyroxine and my HRT tablet.

Thanks for the information.



Tina, 2,-3,000iu VitD3 softgel caps, iron taken with 500mg-1,000 vitC each dose, and folic acid supplements should see the vits/mins right. Iron should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine. Please use the TUK affiliate link if you buy on Amazon

Ask your GP to palpate your thyroid and if the gland is swollen ask for an increase in Levothyroxine. TSH is comfortable for most patients just above or below 1.0.

Check the Levothyroxine Patient Information Leaflet or check with your pharmacist when you're prescribed new meds in case they need to be taken a few hours apart.


Have you considered post nasal drip? That causes thick mucous from the nose to flow down onto the vocal cords during sleep.

It also can prevent nasal breathing at night. Do you wake up with a dry mouth?

There's things can be done.


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