Sore throat and glands

Can anyone tell me if anyone gets sore throats and Flem in there throats tasting bad ?

I get the usual constipation, tiredness and fatigue. Just had results from my GP to say my level is too high , but I have to have another check in a months time before I can get another blood test to confirm ! I'm quite a fit Guy...gym and all that ! I feel fine I the gym ...but absolutely shattered the next day !

But my main issue is I keep getting...sort of colds , snotty throat ....does anyone else . Is is part of the systems of undre active thyroid problems....should I be worried ,?

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What are your results Neil99 Can you post them, with their reference ranges. I'm wondering which of the tests are 'high' and the reason for retesting. If your TSH is too high then that's the reason for your consipation, tiredness and fatigue. They are symptoms of hypothyroidism and you need a diagnosis (if you don't have one already) and to be prescribed thyroxine. But most GPs wait until TSH reaches 10 before that happens.

Being shattered after the gym indicates that you are depleting what T3 you have, T3 being the active hormone(which all our cells need), which is converted from T4 the prohormone (inactive). It might be an idea to cut back on the exercise for the time being, wait and see the results of your next test.

Here's a list of signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism

Could be a sinus problem? Or maybe an intolerance to dairy?

I had all you mention prior to diagnosis and after while on levo. Getting better now on thyroid s

I have these problems too I'm confirmed hashimotos and take 75mc levothyroxin daily. Latest Tsh is 0.49 range is 0.30- 4.50 they haven't done ft 3 or ft4 .Don't have a sinus problem as I recently had a scan for head eye pains .I get constipated too and a bad taste in mouth also at the moment I have a just there feeling of a slight raw throat but have recently had a scan for a swollen painful neck.

I'll be in retested in your results , many thanx for your reply x

I have new blood tests full blood count due on 15 June Neil 99 I'll post the results

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