Are these ok?

After annoying everyone at my surgery for the last few weeks, I finally got my hands on my results after threatening to make an official complaint. My background story is that I went to the quacks as I'd realised the front of my neck was swollen (hadn't noticed it like that before), possibly a goitre but wasn't sure. GP ordered bloods to check my thyroid as other symptoms pointed GP to possible hypothyroidism as well as the goitre and it came back as 'no further action' so was sent for an ultrasound. The report from the ultrasound confirmed I have a multimodal goitre (also managed to get copy of results from scan) so GP has referred me to the Endo clinic (my appointment is this coming Friday).

Anyway, the blood results were:

free T3 - 4.17 [3.6 - 6.5]

free T4 - 12.9 [9.0 - 19.1]

TSH - 1.4 [0.35 - 4.94]

They seem ok to me but I'm still learning. Do they seem ok to everyone else?

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  • The question to ask is "are they ok for you"? What symptoms do you have? Some people are fine with those results, others aren't. There's certainly room for improvement in your FT3 and FT4 levels if you are symptomatic.

    Did they measure your thyroid antibodies?

  • There's nothing on the printout that says anything about thyroid antibodies so I presume it wasn't tested for.

    My symptoms are unexplained weight gain and inability to shift the excess weight, feeling cold & cold hands/feet, hoarse voice, painful heavy periods (although the Depo injection put paid to them, thank goodness), extreme tiredness and lack of energy, brain fog, sleep difficulties, muscle cramps, pain in all my joints (although the pain I get in my knees and feet are down to confirmed osteoarthritis), hubby says I'm grumpier than I used to be, had my gall bladder removed 2 years ago due to gall stones, headaches, wonky eyesight resulting in me having to wear glasses with prisms in the lenses, and dry skin. (I think that's it!)

  • hi there 'j , from my limited knowledge it would appear that you have some of the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism , which needs to be treated correctly ,also it may well be worth having your eyes checked for t.e.d. [ thyroid eye disease ] as this can be a complication of hypo and needs separate treatment in conjunction with the thyroid treatment ......hope this is of help to you ......alan x

  • Thank you Alan. Would I have to go to the opticians to be checked for TED? (I am soon due for another eye test I believe)

  • sorry for the delay in responding to you , you would need to tell the optician about your thyroid condition and request that he/she fully checks for T.E.D. ...and if it is detected for a referral from them or to your own g.p. to a specialist consultant ----- I can personally recommend moorefields [ London ] --- adnexal dept , mr david verity ----- absolutely superb .....hope this helps alan x

  • Thank you for the info Alan. Unfortunately London's a bit of a trek for me (I'm in South Lincolnshire). Luckily we have a good specialist eye department at my local hospital.

    I do remember my optician asking if I had thyroid trouble when I went to see her about the double vision and strange headaches about 5 years ago but I wasn't aware at the time there could be anything wrong with my thyroid. Will definitely mention it to her when I see her in the next few weeks. I'll mention it to the Endo tomorrow too and see what they say about it

  • it may also be an idea to ask if they can refer your results to the ' ADNEXAL DEPT ' at moorefields --- Mr David Verity --- as they are currently carrying out an extensive study of the causes AND treatments of T.E.D. throughout the country ...... they may well gain some superb knowledge .....alan x

  • Apart from the gallbladder removed you could be describing me. I keep getting bloods back saying no action required even though TSH is 5.83 and I feel rubbish and my throat is still giving me problems. I saw my GP last week because I felt something pop in my throat and coughed blood (about half an eggcup) GP said "oh people sometimes cough and rupture small veins its nothing to worry about". He didnt move from his seat. I am getting so fed up with health professionals not listening to me.

  • 5.83!!! Too high. You can always pay for your own full blood tests, including thyroid antibodies - might stir the GP up.

  • Thanks for your reply Aspmama. I know my TSH is too high but GP or Rheumy just dont want to know. I have gained so much weight too so all they see is obesity causing all my problems when I am careful what I eat and exercise as much as my disabilities will allow. I asked my GP where I could get blood taken if I went private and he said "oh you dont need to do that" and gave me what I thought was a more included blood test but came back as usual with only TSH done stating "normal no action" and Rheumy said that my antibodies are fine even though I havent had them tested? I would go private but I have just lost my job through ill health so pennies are a bit tight. I sometimes cant afford prescriptions so feel i am between a rock and a hard place at the mo. Sorry being negative I try not to be. Have a good day. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • OK Joolz, this sounds v tough. I used Blue Horizon for my tests - I only had a TSH of 2.5, but I came back with thyroid antibodies over the limit, and when I examined my thyroid I found a small nodule. Not that the GP had got round to doing that. But the test was expensive.

    You could think about self treating with some porcine thryoid extract - but that is quite expensive too, and has to be v carefully researched and done bit by bit, working up from a small dose, not a thing to do lightly in case you overdo it, as I am sure you read here all the time. I tried a bit of that but I couldn't feel any difference in symptoms. But you have a much higher level than me and it might help you. Worth looking at.

    With any luck by April you will be able to sit in the sun and at least get your vitamin D for free!

    Very best of luck.

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