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B12 has dropped from 456 to 292 after 3 months iron supplementation, can anyone help explain why please?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please?

I've been posting on here and the b12 recently and have received lots of suggestions and help thank you, but am confused by a recent result.

My ferritin was low 3 months ago (12 range 23-300) and b12 reasonable at 456.

Have just had retest and ferritin has risen to 40, although I've just had a virus so appreciate it may not be accurate, but am very confused as to why vit b12 has dropped to 292?

I've upped my meat intake, eat plenty of eggs, liver couple of times a week, etc, so presumed this would improve my b12 further.

My folate has risen from 6.1 to 8.0 (2.7-15) and the only other main difference is platelets have dropped from 341 to 241 (150-410) there are other small rises and falls, not sure if they're significant.

I've also discovered vitamin d is low 28nmol and am speaking to doc this week about supplements.

I'd really like to hear if anyone else has experienced this or if anyone can offer an explanation please...many thanks Jo

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I have no idea why your B12 has dropped, but I doubt it has any connection with your rising iron. But, in any case, I would not have called your B12 of 456 reasonable! It needs to be at least 600 and preferably higher.

It's all very well eating all these B12-rich foods, but if you have low stomach acid - as hypos often do - then you're going to have difficulty absorbing the nutrients. So, I think supplementing with B12 (methylcobalaming) and a B complex would be helpful.

Hugs, Grey


Many thanks Grey, sorry for slow reply, really appreciate your thoughts. Thought I'd wait for docs apptment end of last week to hear thoughts on b12 before getting back to you, but I expect you'll know their thoughts on it! It's not that low at all apparently!! Mmmmmm...

A very helpful member on PA site suggested that on taking iron a b12 deficiency could show itself, to do with one making the cells larger, the other making them smaller. They also suggested stomach acid issues, like you, so will look into ways of improving that thank you. Now trying to sort vit d supplementation, next challenge,lol!

Thanks again...hope all is good with you...Jo


You're welcome, Jo. Good luck! :)


Hi You also need iron tests different to Ferritin. B12 is not the same, you need b12 injections to improve it.



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