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Lab results

Hi, would someone be able to tell me if these are ok?

TSH 2.610 mU/L (Range 0.270 - 4.200)

Free T4 17.78 pmol/L (Range 12 - 22)

Free T3 4.8 pmol/L (Range 3.1 - 6.8)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies - Negative <60

Vitamin D - 32.7 nmol/l (25-75 nmol/l : Borderline ranging to insufficiency)

Got primary Sjogren's Syndrome. Concerned about my thyroid as gave some symptoms but gave had to order private bloods as GP highly unhelpful !

Advise would be much appreciated.


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I am not altogether sure about the FT4 and FT3 with Sjogrens but your VitD is definitely far too low. If your gp is reluctant to prescribe you must get yourself some VitD and take at least 4000iu daily for 50days then get your blood checked again. You might need to supplement Vit D for life depending on where you live. (How much sun there is especially in winter). Some far wiser people on here will give you a lot more help than I can.

Gp's are woefully ignorant about thyroids, as most of us can tell you, and will tell you everything is 'fine', 'normal', 'in range'. Well things might be in range but that doesn't mean they are optimal. Be prepared for a long slog with this one. Best of luck.

Barb :-)


Thank you Barb. Off to buy Vit D this morning and hopefully new GP will work with me. Soon know !


Alison, you are negative for autoimmune thyroid antibodies. TSH is a little higher than euthyroid (normal) and your FT4 and FT3 are reasonable. Sometimes non-thyroidal illness may make FT3 a little low (yours is just under 50% through range) which causes TSH to rise. It's worth repeating TSH, FT4 and FT3 tests in 6-12 months to keep an eye on. As you already have an autoimmune disease it can predispose you to others so an annual thyroid antibody test is probably a good idea.

Your vitD is very low. I think 5,000iu daily for 6 weeks will boost levels and you can cut back to 2,500 daily after that and retest in 6 months. Good levels of vitamin D aid T4 to T3 conversion.


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Clutter thank you for the info. Don't trust the GPs any more so i very grateful.

Will give results to my new GP though and see how it goes. Will start on Vit D today.


Alison, BTA protocols make it very unlikely any GP will consider making a diagnosis and treatment before TSH is >4.2 or FT4 &/or FT3 are below range.


Thanks Clutter, I was going by the guidelines that our local health people have recommended. I did think I had read somewhere about 5000 iu being optimal but couldn't find the link. Barb



The above site gives you a chart showing you the dose to take according to your results. The range used is different so if you divide your result by 2.5 - which brings it to 13 - you can see to reach the suggested level you will need around 5000IU's daily...as Clutter suggests. This is an interesting website to keep you informed about D as well as....


Don't forget to take K2 with the D. D increases production of calcium and K2 ensures calcium travels to the right places and not remain in the bloodstream....


Allison, autoimmune disease if often attributed to "leaky gut" which allows the attack of immune cells to target your particular genetic weakness. Most of these are located in the gut and would be a good place to pursue some healing. Probiotics might be a start and avoiding food sensitivities that don't agree with you. Often gluten is a problem for some, dairy is another, so you may want to avoid one of those at a time and see if it makes a difference. Naturally, highly processed food and taking antibiotics can be a source of leaky gut as well.


Wow! So many knowledgable replies. I have started on DLux spray today and will do 5000iu.

I am hoping my new GPs will work with me as opposed to brushing me off. I only got diagnosed with Sjogrens after just about 12 mths of my GP brushing aside symptoms then basically telling me there was nothing wrong with me and intimating that I'm a hypochondriac ! There followed 8 mths of me refusing to go to the GPs and putting up with my pains. Then I was so ill whilst abroad at my in-laws in July on my return I had to go in. Flu like symptoms, given antibiotics told it was a virus, every week for 4 weeks I went in. Desperate for an answer to my crippling muscle tightening, stiffness, fatigue, it had been getting worse over a period of at least 5 yrs. On the fourth visit I I broke down begging her to do something, she pulled a blood sheet ticked everything and passed it me telling me she would prove there's nothing wrong. I was dreading going back so delayed it and after a week and a half got a call to go and see her. Sjogrens or SLE, she was rather sheepish! Private Rheumy and got Sjogrens which is more systemic, dryness only been bad this last 4-5 weeks. GP gone back to normal, lack of interest! Gone through all three at the practice this past 5 weeks and all think I should just have dryness! Put on 60mg prednisolone for inflammation, which I told him wouldn't work! Four days later told to taper by 5mg every 3 days (2 mths to stop something I shouldn't have been put on), he had no answers for me! Another crying dicky fit last week when told I had no inflammation and just offered pain killers when I went in due to increased inflammation all over and because for best part of three mths my sleep pattern has been horrendously bad, lump in throat, breathless, constipation. Sleep for average 3:40 and no more that 1:15 straight ! Told 3rd GP to shove his painkillers and pointed out I would never return there. Low and behold the day after he rang me to ask me to go in, like hell ! The day after that he rang again, had spoken to my Rheumey who had pointed out I'm more systemic in symptoms and needed IM steroid. Begrudgingly went in for it! What an attitude change! "Yes Mrs, Yes Mrs, Yes Mrs". Changing GP, can't work with people who won't listen to me, I'm living with my body and know it best after 47 yrs!

I had the TSH/T4/T3/TPA done myself as I have so many symptoms of thyroid and can't tell if it's my SS playing up more or not. Only tagged on Vit D as it was free if ordered test cost more than £60, which it did. Glad I did. Hopefully, thanks to all the help desiphering the tests on here, I can get back to normal and find out if my Hydroxichloroquine is working on SS.

Bit if sun on hols in a weeks time might give it a boost as well. Thank you all so much xx


Thank you Epictetus. The tests were done through Blue Horizon Medicals and I linked to them through either Arthritis UK or Throid UK for special prices as well.


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