Thy1 nodule

After having a 'poor sample' of my thyroid nodule taken I've been told it is hypoechoic 25mm and described as thy1. The endo has told me she would normally tell anyone else not to worry about it but as I'm anxious she will reluctantly refer me to a surgeon for his opinion. I was diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism last November and have been on levothyroxine since my last blood test showed my ranges were all within normal range. Is it usual to be casual about a thy1 diagnosis on a poor sample? Or am I being over anxious? As always, I appreciate any advice or similar experiences. I had an ultrasound in December which detected no nodules. So it's sprung up very quickly. Thanks in advance.

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  • Vix, Thy1 isn't a diagnosis. It means the sample was insufficient to test and should be repeated. Sorry you haven't got a clear Thy2 diagnosis which would be benign.


    Non-diagnostic: should be repeated immediately (this occurs in 15-30% of cases and is more likely to occur if the nodule is less than 1 cm in diameter).

  • That's strange she told me if it was thy2 or thy3 I would be having urgent surgery? She was really non committal to even getting it tested again! Goodness knows how long I'm going to have to wait for the surgeon to organise another test! I wouldn't mind but she's the endo! I guess it's another waiting game but I could swear its still growing!

  • Vix, Thy2 is benign, Thy3 indeterminate, Thy4 and Thy5 malignant. Check out the link I posted.

  • I just have thank you. I can't believe what she advised! She honestly was encouraging me to go home and forget about it!

  • Vix, she doesn't seem to know what she's doing. I'm sure the surgeon will arrange another FNA.

  • It certainly seems that way, I wouldn't mind but I've been seeing her privately!! I keep telling myself not to worry but I just want the all clear.... Tomorrow! ;)

  • Vix, I hope she's been more helpful in other ways because she doesn't seem to understand FNA results.

    FNA can be difficult on small nodules. It's not uncommon to have 2 or 3 inconclusive results and sometimes only biopsy on the removed lobe can determine conclusively whether the nodule is benign or malignant.

  • I thought with it being 25mm it was quite a large one! But I'm new to all of this! I'm mostly worried at the speed it seems to have grown :(. Don't get me wrong after feeling soooo terrible when I first saw the endo, Levo has made me feel amazing in fact it's made me wonder just how long I was a miserable git for....... Just need to get this nodule sorted. It's frustrating as it was my goiter I went to see her for originally and the first ultrasound in December showed nothing of concern and now I feel as it's all hanging in the balance waiting for the hospital to see me again!!!

  • Vix, I don't know how quickly nodules grow but most thyroid cancers grow extremely slowly, over years rather than weeks or months.

  • had my half removed on the premise of 'looks dodgy better out than in' - if only I knew then.... a 3 was mentioned & risk... think I was scared into it! I do hope things have changed in 4 years.

    I think they have to get the cell walls to have a proper result and, as Clutter says, often they don't know until they have a lobe biopsy. J :D

  • Thanks for respondingSparerib,im just feeling impatient now so I'm going to phone the surgeon tomorrow. Was your nodule a rapidly growing one?

  • I suspect not - as I didn't realise I could feel a lump - (I was imagining a lump in the throat of course) however I was being investigated for other things at the time & an anomaly was found accidentally on MRI.

    I can fully understand your worry. Is it a goiter? (multinodular) chances are better than single. J

  • They weren't too worried to start - one ENT doc said his mum & loads of folk were walking round with a Thyroid nodule, very common - strangely I was not pacified.

    on U-scan it measured the size of a 'plum' - so none the wiser! 18 months (?) later 'let's whip it out'.

    If it isn't causing you breathing difficulties, I'd investigate a bit more, more tests, but not leave it for too long. J x

  • Hey vix

    I haven't got any advice but I can sympathise with you worrying. I have a module that has appeared quickly I think. My go has referred me for an ultrasound but was very blase & said it will probably be a 6 -8 week wait. I am quite worried. It is big enough to see when I swallow & it feels like food/tablets get stuck a bit when I swallow.

    Waiting is the worst. Did the do the fna on the same day as your ultrasound?

  • same sensation for me

  • tjtjtj, The ultrasound will be done to scan the size, condition and texture of your thyroid gland and will measure the size of any nodules. If a nodule/s requires further investigation you'll be referred to a specialist who will order an ultrasound guided FNA.

  • Ok thanks clutter. My gp didn't really explain anything really. Will just have to wait for my appointment to come through.

  • Oh dear I really should proof read, sorry about the typos

  • Hi, im going through a similar thing, but there are 3 nodules, im having diffioulty swalowing also, im new to thyroid problems myself, and dont yet understand all the test and what they mean, all i know for sure, is that my endoscopyist says he cant rule out focal lesions ??

  • It's all new to me too, went to my go before Christmas about aching joints. Had thyroid tests which came back subclinical hypo, too antibodies 900+. Lots of hypo symptoms & then suddenly this thyroid nodule. Oddly though the nodule I can see is to the left on my neck but the pressure sensation is at the base of my throat. Maybe there is more than one. Dunno.

    Vic - let us know how you get on with the surgeon.

    Carol - I'm surprised they haven't already done thyroid bloods. You definitely need them doing.

    Sparerib - what do mean by' if you knew then...' would you not have had it removed?

  • Will do, I'm chasing the appt today. Mines to the left too!

  • Only just spotted this - my apologies....

    If I knew then what I know now.... I'd have moved to Spain :)

    - My ultrasound was lost - so comparisons were difficult.

    - My FNA result was 'inconclusive' - although he was happy it was not cancer at the time (2nd ultrasound).

    - Other 'specialists' said different.

    - Perhaps I could have been offered Thyroid medication to possibly reduce the nodule? -

    - Other avenues investigated - like my low vit D.

    I was torn between :-

    Argh! get this lump out of my neck! and being told almost everyone has thyroid nodules, we'll monitor some more....

    but I knew a single lump held more risk than a multinodular one I agreed to a PT op.

    No-one EVER told me the way I was feeling would get much worse, I'd put on 4 stone, be labelled lazy & with CFS - I was told 'the other half would compensate' (before it conked out!) not even that it was an autoimmune disease and would continue to be attacked! J :D

  • I found first lump about 3yrs ago, first and subsequent FNAs were benign ,nodules grew in fits and starts. During the ultrasound last summer I was advised to have it out as it was growing bigger and causing some swallowing probs. While waiting for op my sister found a lump, had an indeterminate DNA and was whipped in for a hemi operation in about 10days! I had a full thyroidectomy last Dec. Both of us were clear of cancer but my mng had become substantial so just as well it's now out. I wish you luck and try not to worry.

  • MNG was substernal not substantial, or maybe both!!! Sorry shouldn't b watching tv and writing at same time ;-)

  • Hi guys! Thought I would give you an update, I had an appt with an endo surgeon last week who looked very surprised by the information the previous 'specialist' had given me. He recommended a core biopsy and discussed potential outcomes, he seems to be great so much better than the last doctor. Anyway today I had my core biopsy, again the consultant (different hospital) was an absolute pro, I was so worried after my fna, but it did not hurt (although the anaesthetic is wearing off now)! But here comes the twist.... When I had my fna they measured by nodule at 2.6cm and hypoechoic, at that time the nodule was more prominent than it is now. Today the consultant told me it was less than 2cm, it's shrank??!

  • Thanks for coming back - we seem to get a lot of story starts but fewer endings!

  • Not quite the ending yet, I'm seeing the surgeon on 7/4 for the results and decision on whether it comes out. He says if it comes back as anything other than benign its coming out. But it's smaller now why would that be?

  • If you feel up to it,the link below might be of interest and some use in answering your question. I know little of nodules so tend not to answer rather than possibly mislead.

  • Thank you, I clicked on it but may save it for another evening. I've worn myself out with unnecessary worry!

  • Don't blame you at all! At least you know it exists. :-)

  • Good evening! Just thought I would update you all again. I saw the specialist today with the results of my core biopsy and he told me it was nothing sinister that I have thyroiditis! I didn't realise that a nodule would give that as a result! But I guess it's happy days as I will not be undergoing surgery!

  • Vix22, that's excellent news, you must be so relieved. Thanks for updating us, it's good to hear good news.

  • Clutter I just want to thank you so much, since I joined this forum you have always responded and given me more advice and support than my doctors could. You are a real superstar and this website is amazing! Thank you so much! X

  • That's great vix. I am pleased for you😊

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