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Under active thyroid

I have just found out that my 28 year old daughter was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 2010 and no-one told us. I am trying to find information about it but we have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment at the doctor's. All I know is that the brain blood test was positive and the other one was negative. I am very confused as I thought that once you had it you always had it. Can you tell me where I can get some information about it please? I am also thinking of making a complaint as we were never told she had it in the first place. We have to wait 2 weeks for a doctors appointment and 2 more weeks for blood tests. Hope you can help.

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You could contact the surgery and ask for copies of her blood tests as this is your right. You could then post the thyroid results with ranges here in a new post and someone will help.

I know this has happened before to someone. It is a dreadful oversight. Do hope your daughter is OK. How did you eventually discover such a mistake ? Could you have the blood tests done privately - once on the website above you can look at the menu and there is information about Private Testing. That way it will happen more quickly and you will in control.

Not sure how you make a complaint - but someone will be along soon to help. I live in Crete so am out of touch with UK things ! - or not up to date :-)

Hope everything works out well for your daughter - lots of help on this forum which can make such a difference....


Didn't they tell your daughter they had diagnosed her?


Hi, we have been back to the doctors and she said that the brain blood test was 5.6 in 2010 but when tested in July last year it was OK. So under-active thyroid does go away! We asked for a fresh blood test to put our minds at rest and she said there was no need to have one as it will be ok. I am still worried and would like someone in the medical profession to reply please? Thanks Dione


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