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Hi looking for some advice. I'm on t3 only for the past 11 weeks I have a endo app in two weeks and have been asked to do a thyroid function test before I go to my next app. At my last app I asked about t3 and told her t4 was in way working for me she said that she does not recommend it and wrote to my doctor to say so. I don't really want them to knw yet although there has been a massive improvement. Do I just go ahead have the blood test done ? I just don't want to sit there with her condersending and patronizing manner spilling out her bullshit. Have any off you been in a similar situation ?

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  • Emidjemal, have the blood test but don't take your T3 until after the test. The test results can't detect which thyroid hormone you are taking, it simply measures the amount of hormone in your blood. Oral T3 can lower TSH and FT4 so you may need to discuss this during your consult. My endo doesn't believe there is sufficient evidence based random controlled trials research re T3+T4 combination therapy but presented with the improvement in my health he prescribed T3+T4.

  • My tsh was already low that's why she reduced t4 she said I was over medicated even though I felt really bad and gained 3 stone she said i should never been put on meds even though i could barely walk or think and I was very depressed. She wasn't interested in any thing I had to say it was like I wasnt in the room.

  • Emidjemal, the only point in seeing someone like that is the satisfaction you feel when you tell them you feel better because you didn't follow their protocol.

  • Thanks Clutter you made me smile :)

  • I missed my T3 dose the day before and took it after the next day's blood test, so my TSH was o.k. If they only do the TSH plus T4 for you, they may turn out to be o.k. and not be queried. I am glad you feel better on T3.

    If you feel so much improvement, just tell her. They cannot stop you taking medication which makes you feel well.

    Just in case, for your information if you haven't seen link before and this is an extract.

    For someone taking 100 mcg of T3, we expect your pattern of lab results—a low TSH and high T3. However, your TSH and T3 levels are irrelevant to whether you're overstimulated or not. Two studies we just completed confirm other researchers findings: these tests are not reliable gauges of a patient's metabolic status. Many patients taking T3 have TSH and T3 levels like yours but still have severely low metabolic rates. Their metabolic rates become normal only when they increase their dosages further. Their metabolic rates become normal and they have no detectable overstimulation.

  • Thanks I'll read. The last time I came off t3 for a to have a24hour bp cuff done I was really ill and ended up in bed with flu like symptoms and freezing when I took my t3 the next day. Do you think it was just a coincidence ?

  • If you had a problem previously, just take your dose as usual the day before and don't take on morning of blood test till afterwards.

  • Ok thanks shaws I think that's what I'll have to do

  • Whatever you do dont take the t3 for at least 24 hours or even 48hrs before the test

    as for how you handle the endo thsts tricky but i guess i would tell her that on t4 you felt like death warmed up but on t3 you feel alive and infinitely better

  • She doesn't believe in t3, she thinks you were over medicated on t4 and you have self medicated on t3 and are feeling fine?

    If that's the case I simply wouldn't bother going. She isn't going to get you better, and she won't like you self treating....

    The test is unlikely to measure your free t3, so it will probably show low tsh and low free t4 due to you reducing the t4. If the endo knows her stuff she will see the low t4 and the fact the the tsh has not risen... She will either guess you are on t3, or assume you have something wrong with your pituary or.... Most likely... Will just say that its ok...... Proving she doesn't understand it.

    Save yourself the anguish and effort and do something nice instead.....


  • I did think about not going but I still want the results to my last tests which I had to argue about unless your about to collapse in front of them evey thing is ok according to them

  • Write them a letter, enclose a stamped addressed envelope and say that you want a copy of the last set of test results taken for thyroid function. And give them the date that the blood was taken.... ( well the month and year at any rate). You could add that you are entitled to the results under the terms of the 1998 data protection act. ( somone correct me if I have the title or date wrong.... Please) .

    You don't have to give any reason.

  • I already got the results with out the ranges and got them to send them out again and the mist important ones she's again left out the ranges that's an indication of how difercult she is

  • I've had to fight to get ranges-told I didn't need to know that! Got the practice manager to do that for me but I understand you can ring the lab

  • Thanks I might call the hospital lab they might give them to me. my gp surgery have come round and give me my results its this idiot endo that's holding back I think its because she wants to feel important

  • Wouldn't be surprised!

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