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A winge - itchy rash, recovering from pneumonia

We had such fun the weekend before last. I had a horrible pain just below my right ribs. I was pushed around from one emergency service to another because they were all so overworked but eventually got sent to the hospital and admitted. Tests were inconclusive but in the end they diagnosed pneumonia on the basis of a CT scan and one blood test (CRP?). By then I was in so much pain I could barely move, so I accepted the antibiotics, but they are finished now.

Today I thought I would go back to taking my collection of supplements from Dr O and tonight I have a lovely itchy rash - only down my right side, so not life-threatening, I think. But itchy, itchy, ITCHY!!

For the last couple of months I have had small patches of mild eczema, which I assumed to be a healing symptom (we homoeopaths believe that some stuff has to be dumped through the skin). It had got better over the last 10 days, and now clearly it wasn't a healing symptom at all, but the early stages of an allergy. Now I will have to stop again, and then re-introduce one pill at a time. I think I'll have to be really careful because the next time could be really dramatic!!!

I just wanted to winge, really. I know what to do. I just want things to go a bit more smoothly for a change.

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Ruthi, you're entitled to whinge. Pneumonia is bad enough but now an itchy rash, that's the pits! Any chance it's caused by the antibiotics, they go on working for a couple of weeks after the course is finished, I think. An antihistamine might help reduce the itching. Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks Clutter. Its always possible that its the ABs, but I suspect its too much of a co- incidence that I restarted the supplements today, and had previously had a mild reaction to something.

No antihistamines in this house, but I do have Rhus Tox in homoeopathic potency, so that might help. I will go dig it out.

The pneumonia was just painful. No cough, no fever. That was why it took them so long to pin it down. They kept taking more blood and pee to test their next theory. I dont mind the pee, they can have that, but I am needle phobic and for some reason they insisted on making new holes instead of using their perfectly good pink canula! Of course, in the middle of the night I convinced myself that they would eventually decide there was nothing wrong and accuse me of wasting their time. And that despite the fact I was in too much pain to turn over! It was a relief to get a diagnosis!

It makes a funny story, but difficult to maintain perspective at the time.


Ruthi, you must have a warped sense of humour :o


They probably looked at it but just under the right rib is the gall bladder. i have gall stones that can be extremely painful


Me too........had them for about 7 years......but only one really bad flare up.


Yep, gall bladder is at the front and this was in the back, but they looked at everything. Heart, aorta, kidneys, gall bladder, liver, ribs....

It appears I am mostly in good working order, except for thyroid and adrenals, of course!


Hi Ruthi,

Poor you, I really sympathise and how scary. Where in the back was the pain? Did you have any bloating and stomach discomfort? I have had pain under the right rib and very painful to move. Despite being told no stones, I'm sure it is gallbladder related.


Janie the pain was on the right side, just at the bottom of the ribs (and therefore at the bottom of the lungs) and about 3 inches from the spine. It was quite localised and definitely felt as if it was inside, and not in the muscles that run up and down the back there. It hurt to take anything but the shallowest breath when the pain would shoot around like a belt, but also shoot forwards towards. Leaning forwards ( for example to stand up from a chair) was painful, but other movements were fine. After a while it just hurt all the time, of course.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is childbirth it was getting up to 8 or 9, and no rest or promise of a prize! There was no way I could be sent home! I was offered morphine and refused - but it was a close run thing.

Its possible for the gall bladder to be inflamed but not have stones. You could maybe do a liver cleanse?


Pain and a rash in one place.... It's not shingles, is it??


That's what I was wondering too. Given Ruthi has been very unwell and has adrenal issues, it would not be at all surprising.

Ruthi, I hope it clears up soon, whatever it is. Sounds like your body needs to give you a break for a bit!


My first thought was shingles too. I've had five bouts within a short period of time and each started with a strong pain before the rash appeared


No, I am pretty sure not shingles, thank goodness! The pain is no more, and was not on the skin. And the rash and is all over, including my legs.


Ruthi, make sure to write down the name of the antibiotic if it's that. You should report to your GP. Actually take pictures of it for the record.


OK, for rash watchers everywhere:-

That's the top of my leg a few minutes ago.

I've had a read up on shingles, but it seems that the pain doesn't go away to be replaced by a rash some time later. And the rash is not painful, so I think I have probably got away with *just* an allergic reaction. If its shingles I will need a burkha!!!

Its itchy, but not unbearable, I just find myself scratching absentmindedly!

'Tis true, my body seems to be throwing an extended tantrum!


Already spoken to the GP who was sympathetic but not going to yellow card it without more evidence. But she's put it on my notes as a 'with caution'. She wasn't sure, but I have googled and it appears that I could have a skin test (RAST) for the AB which was amoxicillin, one of the commonest of the penicillin related ABs in use.

It would be a nuisance if it turns out to be that because I am already allergic to erythromycin . 'Oh no! you can't be allergic that! Its the one we give to people who are allergic to penicillin.' Actually I am not strictly allergic, but it produces the most violent S&D imaginable.

I just have to wait to recover, and then test each of the suspects individually. If it ALL comes back as not the culprit I can go for the skin test. And possibly start carrying an Epipen just in case. That'll be Mrs Faintswhenshethinksofneedles carrying a syringe full of adrenaline!! All I have to do is think of it and the adrenaline will flow naturally!


I am pleased to report that the rash and itching are much improved!

I have a list of eight or nine suspects for the cause and am wondering about DIY skin testing to see if I can avoid triggering another attack. What do you all think?


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