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Itchy Rash

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Hi All,

I know this isn't directly thyroid related but as you guys are so knowledgeable I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what this rash is.

It started back in the summer and I just put it down to the very hot weather. However, it's getting worse and is now on my arms, armpits, stomach and sides mainly.

I suffered from eczema as a child but it didn't look like this.

I wondered about some sort of allergy but if that was the case I would have thought anti histamines would help, they dont.

I've tried all the usual hydrocortisone, employment etc.

The other thing I did think is perhaps stress.........I've had a hell of a year so wouldn't be surprised if stress was the culprit.

I am coeliac and have Hashimotos so a lot of autoimmune stuff going on.

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Emollient not employment! Sorry

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Did it coincide with a change of brand of Levo?

Do you have any animals? I had a rash on my leg once, not as much as yours, my GP said it could be down to a fungus and could be linked to my cat. As my cat never comes for a fuss, and nowhere near my legs (and I always wear trousers), I did wonder about my GP's thinking. However, she prescribed an anti-fungal cream and it did go away and has never returned (and I still have my cat!).

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salshep in reply to SeasideSusie

Hi SeasideSusie

Not Levo but I did change to Tiromel as it was all I could get hold of. I stopped taking that for a week Abbi thought it might be the cause but it made no difference.

I don't have any animals either. I'm really stumped as to what it is and mire importantly, the cause :-(

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Jeppy in reply to salshep

Hi just to say I had a rash last year, one that was more under the skin around trunk area mostly and the other one which looked more like yours was all around neck area up to hair line! I know, frustrating, mine was very itchy (Doctor said I'd caused it by itching ....😂🙄)

Anyway my story is as I improved s l o w l e y by taking adrenal support and vitamins and then able to tolerate levo the rash went,.!?

(have a picture which I can't upload I found on internet claiming it was adrenal insufficiency but nothing to back this up, only that it was identical ).

The Doctor wanted 'to zap it' with steroid, I didn't go that route

I know, it's frustrating , but holistic wise the skin shows up stress as you say which I'd had loads of and stayed in the loop by being diagnosed hypo then the stress of understanding all of this without NHS help

Think levo brand also an influence, I felt awful on teva but couldn't tolerate any levo until I'd worked in adrenal side ......

Lots of good wishes x

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Jeppy in reply to Jeppy

.....I'm the same, had psirosis on and off for years, yes autoimmune stuff, I hope it subsides for you when things get more into balance. (This is why I didn't zap it with steroid as was an indication, and funnily I've had a self imposed dip recently as diet went well off radar!!! 🙈 And then my neck itchy again, so back to it, GF and gut! 👍)

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salshep in reply to Jeppy

I really wouldn't be surprised if it was stress Jeppy, it was a pretty rubbish Year. I lost my job, we moved house and my husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer in the space of 3 weeks, think my body is telling me it's had enough :-( x

Same here, started mid-2017.

Intense, unbearable up-in-the-night-twice-to-shower itching, face, neck, trunk, legs. Now just a fluctutating pattern of itchy eye.

Long story short - I didn't show up as allergic to anything the UK NHS test on their complete allergy profile, or as coeliac.

GP offered [as they do - standard issue response] hydrocortisone (I declined) and Dermol, a mineral oil emiolient that made the skin much worse.

As well as three NHS medics, I consulted two doctors privately that appear on the TUK list - no use.

What helped - 1. kinesiology [muscle testing] that identified a long list of foods I am sensitive and react badly to [not allergies, as no antibodies].

Also 2. acupuncture markedly stopped the itching.

I don't itch now, and the skin is healing.

Food-wise I upped the plant/vegetable intake markedly.

Foods that kick it off again - gluten, sugar, yeast, nightshades, coconut, cayenne and all peppers, strawberries, mustards.

Pretty miserable time with it.

Awful having a red, itchy swollen face because it's publicly visible and hard to camouflage.

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salshep in reply to megarub

It certainly is miserable megarub, and embarrassing as you say when it's on your face.

I've had a lot of food sensitivity testing done and obviously the biggie for me is gluten which I avoid like the plague :-)

Do you use a clothes washing product that is bio? My husband had a very similar rash which went when I changed the washing product to one for sensitive skin.

I use Fairy non bio which I've not had any problems with :-)

Yes all these areas

Holistic is the whole of it, i guess we need to nibble away at all our learnings and Heal Gut im convinced of this

To make u smile...i had an itchy ugly swollen face in mg 20s which came and went, my eye kind of pulled in and my young sister screamed I looked Cousy Modo😱 i i stopped all caffeine all spicey bla bla nothing seemed to cause it and I was to be married and worst fear to have this on the Big day!!!!, this when i saw ad for homeopath- what had i to loose? Only £6 then!!!! The nhs had told me to avoid metal paperclips and suspenders!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 i was a stationary clark btw!

- Yes the homeopathy worked in one week (pulsatilla for me then) and that never returned! I was then hooked as had been desperate 🙃 brought kids up on it no antibiotics ( save it for the really serious stuff)

Xxx. Keep going, im sure the skin is the helpful reminder to destress the body as much as poss

....i read if you stifle excemas psiriosis etc with cortisone it can manifest over time as asthma internally as in same family! ??? My daughter had it terribly as a child but braved it out and rarely has it now adult, only when stressed x

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salshep in reply to Jeppy

100% with you on healing the gut and I also avoid metals........spoilt myself with beautiful new saucepans, I'm easily pleased lol.

Oh bless you, that did make me laugh, not so funny for you at the time though!!

Next week will be hugely stressful as hubby goes in for major surgery, goodness knows how my skin will react to that :-( still, nothing compared to what he's going through bless him x

.. maybe get Emergency essence by Bach flower or Australian bush (I find this one even better). (few drops in mouth as and when) maybe have a look ? And can only help, ..... helps stressful times, both of you I guess,

Arnica great too to as aids healing, tablet form good as it's inside out rather than the cream (sheep eat the plant if they fall down a bank!) 🙃

Lots of good wishes

If rash doesn't go maybe it's worth one zap to get past it this time, one offs can't be bad I'd have thought

.....yes I like keniesiology for testings, I've gotten into pendulum dousing too, I'd a course to learn keniesiology, good for family too, the guy who does it for me uses arm, so not so difficult and does emotional. Physical and Higher self, x

.. ignore about arnica comment please feel for you, I've had post traumatic stress, loads of big stuff without space between for recovery, so do understand these feelings - the words, It Will Pass, as simple as it, I found helped, It's the mindfulness technique too I guess (loads of free u tube videos to go at ) . Haha I've joined a Can't Paint, and Can't Sing group for the new year). Can't Wait!!!! LOL determined to do a mindful video everyday, alongside the vits, the exercise, work, grandchildren etc etc .... I'm coming back as a cat in a loving household 🐈 😁

All best wishes X

Did you ever get an answer on this? I have this exact thing now and it’s making me very very down...

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salshep in reply to Flamingo100

@flamingo100 no I never did find a cause. It just cleared on it's own eventually. Although, a couple of month's after it cleared, I went down with shingles. No idea if it was related

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