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Itchy Rash

I had poison ivy about a month ago, struggled through it with no oral steroid and then an itchy non pi rash appeared on my leg, one area where the pi was, and on my neck. It has been really bad to the point I have to take oral benadryl which totally knocks me out and makes me feel psychotic as well as giving me palpitations all day the next day yesterday. I've tried a gazillion lotions and went to my derm and an allergist- the derm rx atrapro which seemed to calm it a bit but which doesn't help the itching. The allergist did tests and I only appear to be allergic to grass, however I know I have allergic reactions to multiple plants and dust and more, perfumes etc. so I never really trust those tests which are only 70% accurate statistically. He said it is autoimmune related and many hashimotos sufferers have life long on of rashes which I've had as well as very sensitive skin. He said if it gets worse and doesn't go away ige injections may help, I don't know much about this but I plan to read about it to see if it is safe and if it would even help me.

Today I bought Sarna(sensitive skin) he recommended the regular Sarna which has a horrible perfume- I bought that too and will have to return it because I forgot to check for that on the assumption no one would be dumb enough to put perfume in an anti itch cream!!! The sensitive Sarna gave me some relief but the itching keeps coming back after an hour or so. I have 3 other things to try- one for psoriasis with salycsalic acid, one with aloe vera both are tri- derma brand and a generic benadryl cream.

I know itching is common with thyroid issues and diabetes and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this type of rash(on my neck if I scratch it the bumps will get huge and then go down later on to almost nothing- I often have an itchy rash at this time of year on my neck but it's never this bad- the itching is driving me nuts.) and what you use on it or do to help it settle down. For the poison ivy and for this at first I also used a hair dryer since the hot air stops the histamine build up and stops the itching for a few hours often but it hasn't worked as well for this. It seems to get worse when I eat with my bg swings and when I'm out in the cold walking for some reason.

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I read the other day that a low iron level can be the cause of itchiness.

People who are iron deficient (anemic) are often pale, irritable, and tire easily. Other symptoms can include increased blood pressure, dizziness, foggy thinking, muscle weakness, heart palpitations, impaired immune function, restless legs, itchy skin, hair loss and ringing in the ears.


Thank you Shaws, I'll check out these links. I'm at my wits end with this. Although a couple of people here seemed to think my ferritin was low, my hemoglobin and rbc are ok and even went up a bit from the last test. So I'm wondering if iron would really have anything to do with it.

The allergist I went to thought it was autoimmune and I found this link- I think I may have this:

I just wish I knew for sure if it is some food(s) and other substances that could be causing an allergic reaction and the itching/rashes etc.? Or sensitivities- many people have sensitivies which produce the same symptoms and reaction as an allergy- I'm not sure what the difference is then if it produces the same reaction.

The triderma products and sensitive Sarna seem to be helping a bit at least.


I hope you find a solution because itching isn't pleasant at all.

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I'm almost afraid to post this but the itching is getting better- maybe whatever phase my body is going through is calming down hopefully. I think the sensitive sarna and the triderma anti redness lotion for the face with pure virgin aloe have helped a lot. I also switched entirely to fragrance free shampoo/conditioner I alternate with. I ordered the plain pure virgin aloe gel also- I'm going to use that exclusively on my neck for the next few weeks.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will continue- it is such a relief. My bg on the other hand was terrible today after a few good days, it went to 200 for no reason and stayed there for over 4 hours or so.

I also found out that the sjorgen's test I had at a new dry eye doc was negative. One other thing I can cross of the list of possible causes for some of my symptoms.


Oh - that's great that your itchiness is much improved. Your post might also help others who've been bothered very much by itchiness.

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