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Graves Disease

Hi there, I am a 52 yo woman and was diagnosed with Graves 6 months ago and had classic symptoms including joint and muscle pain, itchy skin rapid pulse etc etc. My T4 was 44 and my T3 was 21 ! My endo put me on carbimazole 20mgs per day and a beta blocker for my heart. After 3 weeks on the carbimazole I had to stop as my itchy skin became 3 - to 4 times worse to the point where it was unbearable to wear clothes. My endo started to talk about radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid but I was extremely reluctant and refused. Anyway, I did some serious research and spoke to a fantasic person with a strong naturapathic background. I became strictly gluten free (I had been dabbliing with gluten free diet for 3 years but cheated) I also added a supplement called Transfactor made by Neways. This has bovine colostrum and maca powder in it and apparently heals leaky gut. I was already taking Neways colloidal minerals and added a good Neways vitamin and mineral supplement and another product called Extramin which helps with stress - also some mexican wild yam (Uthinol by Neways). I stopped dairy and reduced alcohol to 3 or 4 drinks per week. (previously 7 drinks a weeks) I had little faith before I started this regime but decided to give it all a go. For 5 weeks I continued to feel lousy with my Grave's symptoms but at about 6 weeks I started to feel better. One month after this improvement I was able to stop the beta blocker and in time all my other nasty symptoms have disappeared. My T4 and T3 level came down from dangerous levels and are now in the high range of normal. My pulse is 54 bpm on waking which is amazing as it used to be around 120. I am due another blood test and feel sure it my levels will be down further. I feel AMAZING - the best I have felt since being a teenager....and that was a long time ago! I have been plagued by muscle pain and heaviness for years and I believe I have been gluten intolerant without realising it. It seems people with auto-immune disorders usually have leaky gut and gluten intolerance. This diet is not difficult and will be lifelong for me as I feel it is keeping me well. I thought I would share this in case it helps someone else.

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Thanks very much for the information as many people will be interested in your restoration to good health. At present I am listening to a video by Dr Axe and it's all above leaky gut etc. You have to register and there are also other topics for an extra day.


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