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Alternative Treatment for Graves Disease


I have started to use Bugleweed, Motherwort and Lemon Balm from Bristol Botanicals which seems to be great for keeping my symptoms of hyperthyroidism manageable as I’ve now stopped taking carbimazole. However, my thyroid gland is feeling pressured and my neck feels swollen. I have in the past followed the Amy Myers Autoimmune Diet Programme with great success and feel I now have to go back in the full Autoimmune Diet to get my gland back to feeling normal - has anyone out there followed an alternative treatment for Graves using herbal preparations, supplements and diet who can share their experiences?

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Sorry, I’ve been in remission since 2013 but I’ve never tried herbs etc.

I did go totally gluten free though for various reasons and I’ve noticed from doing regular home finger prick blood tests that my thyroid antibodies have really plummeted which I like and tend to think is possibly a good sign but I don’t know, perhaps they just wore out naturally with time and who knows whether or not they could return just as quickly if they felt like it.

Thank you - gluten can be a big trigger in autoimmune conditions so it might have attributed to you feeling better - glad you’ve got it under control! Who do you get your blood test kits from?!

I use either Blue Horizon or more recently Medichecks both are good.

Thank you!

Herbal treatments may well alleviate symptoms of disease temporarily, but that does not mean that they cure it. Only tests to show the levels of antibodies still remaining and the thyroid hormone tests resulting will give you the proper picture. Like all antibody-immune-driven diseases, they wax and wane and temporary relief can quickly go back to active destructive situations.

Painta in reply to diogenes

Thank you - I'm going to be sourcing private blood tests so I can better understand where my levels are at and hopefully manage my condition through diet and herbal supplements.

Hello Painta

If you don't know of Elaine Moore suggest you do a bit of research.

This lady has Graves disease and was given RAI treatment back in the late 1990's. She found no help managing her symptoms so wrote a book to help others in the same situation. Graves Disease - A Practical Guide is my goto book, as I've been through the same, having been treated with RAI back in 2005.

Anyway Elaine Moore now runs a well respected and researched website detailing all things Graves for all Graves patients and their families. There are open forums much like this excellent site and sections on alternative, more holistic treatments and may just help you on your journey with this poorly understood autoimmune disease.

Painta in reply to pennyannie

Thank you so much - I hadn’t heard of her but will look her up - I’m committed to not having RAI or surgery and as a result my endocrinologist has now discharged me so even getting support will be a great help!

For a couple of endo visits before I was discharged the endos - I saw a different trainee one every visit - started mentioning RAI and I kept saying I didn’t want it.

Eventually a week or so after I was discharged I booked an appointment with my own GP and said that RAI kept being mentioned as the hospital’s next line of attack should I relapse and that as I had been well on block and replace should I relapse I didn’t want RAI and a) could they force me to have it and b) could they refuse to treat me and the answer to both questions was “No” so I went off and decided to stop worrying.

Sounds interesting that your endo has just discharged you - I would speak to your GP see what they say then try and get yourself to a state where you feel confident with what you are doing and you can stop worrying and get in with your life.

It seems the medical profession are restricted in their treatment options - I will continue to seek an alternative and hopefully find some peace along the way - thank you!

Hello Painta

I have taken bugleweed and motherwort for 6 weeks

Bugleweed causes swelling in the neck I also found this out too. I have now stopped bugleweed and motherwort and taking L-carnitine and Hawthorn supplements.

Bugleweed can also give you an enlarged goitre. You see even with natural herbs there are side effects.

Hope this helps

There are many who wrote books about their own experiences and the type of herbs they have taken for their symptoms, in my experience it does not fit all. Everyone is different what may work for one may not work for the other as I found out myself.

Elaine Moore had RAI treatment many of us have not. This is not meant to be a criticism to Elaine. There is another website that also suggests that bugleweed and motherwort had cured their Graves Disease and this doctor wrote a book too.

In many cases those who have really bad Graves Disease may have no alternative but to have RAI and or surgery in the longer term is life saving.

Each and every one of us can write a book on our own experiences, the highs and the lows, what works and what does not. What I am saying is we are all different the Disease may be the same but we react to it in a different way.

I have done my research for over one year now yes I can write a book too !

it defeats the objective and although we can seek advice from others we are the ones that has to make the final decision in how we go about getting well with this awful Graves Disease.

I am in remission from Graves' disease for the second time. I think one of the reasons I had a relapse is because I had a stressful event 4 years ago. I can't share what it is on here but I then knew I was becoming ill again. My hair started to drop out and my nails lifted off their beds and I had night sweats. What caused me to go into remission last time? I went on a sunny holiday even though I did not want to go and the month after that I had a thyroid storm which seem to kick start my thyroid. This disease is still a mystery to me so I am just passing on my experiences. Just to add I did take Thyroid S for 6 months the year prior to going into remission so whether that rested my thyroid and contributed to my recovery I don't know because I did stop it when I had a flare up.

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