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I've taken the plunge!

Although feeling my best in the last ten days on t4-100 and t3-20, I've started nature throid today. Very nervous but excited. And thank you everyone in this site for sharing their knowledge and experiences. Clutter and Shaws always sound advice. The symptoms I hope will improve on NDT are water retention, PMS (awful), muscle strength and weight fluctuation. I don't write much here, but read a lot kind of addicted and I can honestly say has been a life saver. I've lived (survived) a half life for most of my years and feeling alive again since last year. Feels good to know I'm not hypochondriac, lazy, sleeping beauty, bipolar, depressed and other things I've been called my whole life.

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Thank you, BruBru :)

I don't think it will improve muscle strength and weight fluctuation per se, but once you feel well enough for walking and exercising muscle strength and fitness will improve and should also help with weight loss. Fingers crossed xx

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That's the thing clutter. I exercise a lot. Yoga 4 times a week for six years and still can't do a lot my less experienced colleagues do. My Fitbit proves I walk around 8k a day. Spinning twice a week. Weight can go up or down by 2stone. I'm pescatarian and now gluten and soya free. I despair. I come home from yoga 9pm. Drink one or two pints of water which stays with me all night and don't think it comes all out in the morning sorry if it's TMI 😊


Brubru, I'm exhausted just reading what you do. I can't understand why you lack muscle strength is lacking with all that exercise. I hope the NT helps somehow.


LOL clutter! These are on a good week. Bad weeks I do not find the strength to shower ;-). I'm hoping to see an improvement. If I can open jars and get some tone and water retention being better i'm glad.


Brubru, I used to struggle with jars, bottles etc. and bought an opener thingwy. It only occurred to me yesterday that it was probably Hashi feebleness and not me being a weak girly.

The NT wil l work because I will it so :)


Aerobic exercise breaks down muscle and doesn't really strengthen it, as well depleting your T3. To get stronger, you need to lift weights and get plenty of rest - recovery time is what builds up your muscles and strength, not the exercise.

I really messed up my adrenals by over-exercising (which is just more than *you* can cope with, not a comparison with everyone else). I used to be an instructor.

Sorry, can't be any more help.


Thank you Angel of the north!!! I had no idea too much cardio was not good. I'll read more on it. My walking is mostly incidental - I don't drive and avoid public transport. I hate weight lifting but will try. Love spinning though, but it all makes sense because I exercise so much and the weight fluctuates so much. Its uncomfortable to say the least. In the same month varies half a stone up or down and my 12 year old can lift things I cant. Open jars and so on....


Well, it's more important to do something you like. Can you do interval style (HIIT) training on stationary bike - not quite like spinning? If you hate weights you need to find something that is high intensity for a short time then allows you to rest or at least reduce the intensity a lot. Both walking (but your walking is work, not exercise) and rebounding are good for many things, as is yoga, but you need to balance them with some high intensity stuff - and rest. At least two days off per week, preferably three.

It's often easier to open jars and doors with your non-dominant hand.


Hi Brubru

I am excited for you on your journey with Nature Throid. I tried several and although the were good Nature Throid suited me best. It is a relief when remaining symptoms gradually go. I am on T3 only now and luckily for me it works well, my GP prescribes as he wouldn't NDT.

These are a couple of links for you which are self-explanatory and I hope helpful.

Go to the date February 15, 1988 on the following link.

With all my muscle/joint pain resolved my physical strength has returned and I feel strong once more.

Some hints here re vitamins/mineral etc.


Thank you Shaws I'll read those. The ndt was not prescribed by endo. But the t3+t4 combo was. I will give it a go, worst case scenario I'll go back to my rescribed treatment and learn to live with the symptoms. Comparing to where I've been before, I'm really good on the combo. Its hard to understand why GPs keep giving us more medication instead of trying different thyroid treatments. The other day I cried thinking of all I went through and how my younger years were wasted. Anti depressants, the pill, something for thrombosis, medication for anxiety, to name a few.


I think it is despicable that we have to search the internet (which is frowned upon by the medics) but many of us wouldn't feel better or get well without it.

You can do a straight switchover, i.e. 1gr of Nature-throid equals in effect to 100mcg levo (25mcg T3). After a couple of weeks, increase dose by 1/4 to 1/2gr if you still have symptoms.

Our medication must be at optimum for us to feel well and although many people do exercise in order to lose their weight it is sometimes impossible and this is the reason. When we are optimum it is easier.

I cannot remember if I linked this to you.


oh!!! Think I bought the wrong one!!! 2.25 grain (146.25mg) is whats written on the label! I've taken the whole tablet this morning instead of 100t4 and 20t3!!! Do I have to cut the table then?

at the back says

Liothyronine(T3) 20.25mcg

Thyroxine(T4) 85.5mcg


Don't worry. If you feel quite overstimulated during the night, I would miss tomorrow's dose out altogether. If you feel o.k. I wouldn't miss dose and take 1/2 of the new tablet. You have taken the equivalent of 225mcg levo (the effect as it has T3 in it) so it's not too much over.

Yes, you can split the tablet into halves or quarters, depending how you increase your dose. Keep a record of your pulse/temp about 3 times a day starting a.m. till everything settles down and you feel good.


Hello Shawas, thanks for the reply. I do not understand. Is there a conversion table somewhere? I felt nothing different to be honest. Now I got this bottle with a 100 tablets so not sure how much to take. I was on 100t4 and 20t3. And on the ndt bottle is written Liothyronine(T3) 20.25mcg

Thyroxine(T4) 85.5mcg I thought it was about the same? Sorry but its a bit confusing for me.. Thank you


It can be confusing, I admit, so don't worry. As you know levothyroxine is only T4 which should convert to T3 but doesn't always efficiently.

You obviously don't feel you've taken too much today, so I would continue to take what you did yesterday. This is a conversion table and it is only a guide. If in a week's time you don't feel any progress, increase by a quarter tablet and then so on about every 2 weeks.


I'll do that then. the table is only for levo and as I was also on lio, and felt nothing different yesterday makes sense. thank you.


Hi Brubru :) how are you getting on?


Hello there! I'm waiting a bit longer to write a proper update but so far vey well! It hasn't been a month yet but I'm pleased so far. My period came on the 28th day (before 20 or 15 days only), still very heavy but not so painful, PMS much better -its the first so maybe just lucky but this is my worst symptom. I have muscles!!! Before id exercise and never had stiff muscles, Saturday I pushed myself and still feel a bit painful. Even the water retention seems better. Weight has gone up, but to be honest, my appetite is back and I'm enjoying having pleasure in eating, so not worried about it now. Not sure if its placebo effect but I noticed an overall improvement. I can do my whole yoga class without any rushed thoughts, actually my crazy thoughts are tamed.


Oh wow, that's very promising news so far, can't wait to hear the next longer-term update! Fingers crossed for you :)


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