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Advice on parathyroid please??Xx

As my post says, I've finally been referred to an endocrologist. My tsh levels have been unstable throughout ranging from <00.5 to 100's. I've been unwell for years ranging from meningitis to tooth abscesses n so on. The last 9/12 months I've really gone downhill n started to research n learn about the thyroid. After numerous visits to GP n another bout of meningitis I've finally got the blood test I asked for inc some extra such as the parathyroid which has come back positive. I've finally been referred to an endocrologist and was wondering if any of you had any advice for me? Does or has anyone have any experience with parathyroid but also what am I to expect from my first appointment.

Thank you so much x

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HI The only blood any use for PTH is an am one for pTH, Calcium and D together. Then if high calcium and pTH a nuclear scan to check, very simple.




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