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I am a newbie here. In 2008 I had large doses of radiotherapy to head and neck area. In 2011 I was diagnosed with MS/CFS & fibromyalgia and my health has been getting steadily worse including daily headaches with little help from GP. Last week I tried one more time to get help, told the GP I couldn't carry on any more like this and insisted on blood tests. I had blood pressure taken and it was very high. Bloods came back with thyroid out of range and elevated calcium levels, so more bloods taken and nurse mentioned they were for parathyroid. Looking at one site the symptoms for parathyroidism fits especially as I had maximum radiotherapy both sides of head & neck for cancer of unknown primary in 2008. I would like to have done some homework before my next GP appointment when I will be given results, but I expect to be referred to an endocrinologist. Has anyone else had parathyroid problems/tumors and/or can anyone please give me any information or advice. Many thanks

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What were your thyroid results and ranges? It's not uncommon to develop hypothyroidism after head and neck radiotherapy.

High calcium and high parathyroid hormone indicates hyperparathyroidism which is usually caused by a benign tumour on one or more of the four parathyroid glands.


You can also have secondary Hyperparathyroidism due to long standing low vitamin D - eg due to undiagnosed silent coeliacs.

If you have high PTH, low Vit D and normal calcium.....this would be more likely secondary

You can download the app - (costs about £2) add your own personal blood test results and it will help suggest if diagnosis should be primary (parathyroid tumour) or secondary - low Vit D (low Vit D very common with hypothyroid )

Same hospital also make very useful vitamin D app for tablet or smart phone - VitaminD (£1.50)


Thank you Clutter & SlowDragon. Yesterday I got all the results from my blood tests:

I am being referred to an endocrinologist for scans. My doctor told me that I will have to have the offending pararthyroid gland(s) removed. I've been looking up different procedures and my doctor will refer me to a surgeon who does the minimal invasive surgery.

Serum parathyroid hormone 8.9 = high (range =1.6 - 6.9) consistent hyperparathyroidism

Serum Calcium 2.75 = high (range = 2.10 - 2.60)

TSH levels 4.61 = high (range = 0.27 - 4.20)

Red blood cell distribution width 17.7 = high (range 11.0 - 14.8) Don't know what this means

Serum Albumen 51 = High (range 35 - 50) don't know what this is

If anyone can interpet these results for me I'd be grateful as I don't know whether the high is worryingly high or not.

MAny thanks



I have replied to you on our hpth forum.


I have parathyroid problems too I had one thyroid dr. Tell me that sometimes it works and sometimes it don't that's why I have severe osteoporosis but the thing of it is is I went to another thyroid specialist and she says it's normal so I'm sure she tested me when it was at its normal range she doesn't realize that it works sometimes and sometimes it don't know she's not really helping me with it I've had osteoporosis since I was 30 maybe even sooner than that the other doctor said I also have thyroid problems too and I'm hypo on that they said my parathyroid was hyper so I have both


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